Being a vital part of the medical field means you benefit from helping people, but it comes with long hours and hard work. Sometimes you just need to get away and treat yourself. If you don’t have time to compare travel destinations, you’ve come to the right place. We have several destinations that reign supreme for chiropractors looking to get away from it all this summer. 

Although at Brand Chiro we might just be a place for digital marketing for chiropractors and advertising for chiropractors, we’ve collectively been on a few trips while being business owners and know some of the best travel destinations for busy individuals. Here they are:

Orlando, FL

Orlando isn’t just about Disney World and Universal Studios, though if you’d like to visit those with your family or alone, feel free. 

Take a ride on an airboat on the Florida Manatee Adventure. You’ll journey through the Crystal River portion of the Gulf Coast and get to see these wondrous animals in their natural habitat. Along your tour, you’ll also see a wide variety of other native creatures. You’ll even have the opportunity to snorkel alongside the manatees.  

Kennedy Space Center Express is a location suitable for people of all ages. You’ll see where the space launches take place and be able to visit the rocket garden. 

And these are merely some examples. 

Kahului, Hawaii

Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise. It’s everything depicted on TV, with the women dancing the hula in grass skirts and drinks in coconut shells. While tourists usually venture to Honolulu or Maui, Kahului is almost like the best-kept secret. It draws in crowds, but you don’t hear much about it. Although it still has the Hawaiian vibe you imagine, it’s much less commercial and crowded. It’s a bit harder to get to, but once you’re there, you can see where Jurassic Park was filmed, complete with the jagged peaks adorned in vegetation. And if you’re willing to take an ATV, you can reach secluded, white-sand beaches.

Denver, Colorado

The “Mile High City” has made a name for itself during the winter months, but there’s much to do and see there in the summer as well. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park — a pristine wonder of the west. With rugged cliffs, panoramic views everywhere you turn, and crystal clear lakes, this park is a can’t miss. And don’t be surprised if you see some wildlife, such as black bears and elk, along your hike. 

If you don’t mind spending some of your time indoors, venture to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and see relics from Egyptian times, among other displays. Some of the museum displays are interactive.  

San Francisco, CA 

Tour the infamous Alcatraz, which will begin with a ferry ride there. It takes about 15 minutes to reach there. As soon as you approach, you’ll see the astonishing maximum security prison, which to those that served there, was the worst of the worst. 

Surprisingly, before it was a penitentiary, it was a military prison and a Civil War fort. You’ll learn this and other fun facts on the 45-minute tour. Plus, you can imagine some of the well-known gangsters who served there, such as Al Capone. 

Discover what Napa Valley is known for by taking the full-day wine tour that kicks off in San Francisco. 

Brand Chiro stresses the importance of taking time to enjoy life. It’ll have a huge impact on your practice. Let our company, which specializes in digital marketing for chiropractors, take care of all your needs related to advertising for chiropractors while you’re away. The only thing you have to worry about is making travel arrangements.  

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