Brand Chiro, a chiropractic marketing agency in Wilmington, North Carolina, sees the difference firsthand that different marketing techniques do for our clients. We’ve researched the industry thoroughly and understand just what prospective patients want in a chiropractic agency. Therefore, we want to give you some inside insight regarding marketing for chiropractors. 

Implement Traditional Marketing Tactics   

Although we’re a digital chiropractic marketing agency, we can’t lie; you still need to focus on traditional, local marketing efforts. Although the Internet is where most patients are looking nowadays as they search for a chiropractor, you’re a practice that does business locally. Therefore, you need to implement some local marketing techniques, such as flyers. 

Hire a Professional for Web Design

Although some of your efforts should be directed toward residents in your area, the web is still where a majority of potential patients are going to find you. This means you not only need a website, but you need one that can easily be found online and looks professional. 

If nobody at your office is a web designer, then your best bet is to hire a professional company who can provide you with the results that will attract those new customers. It’ll be a website that loads fast with high-quality images. Additionally, the site will also be easy to navigate and conveys the message and image new patients want to see.

Use Video Advertising 

Whilst you have some individuals who would much rather read content because it’s faster than a video, there’s an entirely different group of people who would much rather watch a video that summarizes important topics and allows them to get a glimpse of who you are. It’s basically a person’s first impression of you without actually scheduling an appointment with you. It can be the difference between you making a connection with that patient and them bypassing you for your competition who has an appealing video or video compilation. 

It’s easy to accomplish this on your own using a phone since almost everyone has one nowadays. Homemade videos don’t always look the most professional, though. Therefore, if you’re serious about getting new patients, it might be a good idea to hire video marketing experts to ensure you’re providing the highest quality and most effective product possible. 

Know the Demographic

Ask yourself who your ideal patient is. Think about everything about these individuals. Are you mostly targeting athletes, or is your specialty pregnant women and children? When you think about the area, you also need to consider their education and income levels. This is only part of the recipe for identifying your target demographic. If you aren’t sure all the specifics, hire a marketing agency who can. 

That way, everything from your web design to your blog posts and all digital content in between is aimed toward the appropriate group. This also is a cost-efficient solution for you because then there are no wasted marketing efforts; they’re all geared toward the people who will most likely become your patients. 

Don’t Forget Social Media 

There’s a reason why social media influencers are so popular. They use social media to their advantage to build their brands, and you can do the same. You can become a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook. And as people share your posts with their friends and family, you can gain exposure, which means more potential patients. 

You want to keep your current patient load when you market — that’s a given. However, the marketing tactics used are slightly different when you’re specifically targeting new patients. If you’re looking to expand, Brand Chiro offers a range of services to assist. 

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