In every state, you must complete a doctorate degree in chiropractic care to obtain your license. However, you can make yourself more marketable by taking continuing education classes to broaden your scope of practice. 

Once you complete your continuing education credits, our chiropractic marketing agency can help you either rebrand yourself or update your current plan for digital marketing for chiropractors. Plus, we curate chiropractic blogs and offer social media management, both of which can be updated to include your new services and expand your market.   


Nutrition is a vital part of overall health and wellness. Therefore, the individuals who are coming to your practice and looking to improve their health would appreciate someone who can help them create a diet plan to help with their ailments or promote overall better health. 

In a nutrition course, you’ll learn the key elements of a healthy diet and understand the crucial role diet plays on overall health, particularly for those who have certain health conditions. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to provide nutrition advice and possibly offer weight management programs. 

Pregnancy Chiropractic 

Not every chiropractor can offer safe treatments for women during pregnancy. As a woman’s body changes during this time, how to perform alignments changes as well. Certain techniques become potentially dangerous. Some treatments are no longer safe either, while others must be altered to accommodate the woman’s changing body and the unborn baby she is carrying. During each trimester, the care changes slightly, and you’ll gain this expertise through training. You’ll learn which exercises can most benefit an expecting mother. 

If you also have a nutritional certification, you can offer a broad range of services to soon-to-be mothers. 


To be an acupuncturist, a person must complete a bachelor’s in any study but will need to have certain classes, such as anatomy and physiology. Once the person has an undergraduate degree, he or she must complete a minimum of a master’s degree in acupuncture. Because you already have the necessary undergraduate training, you may further your education and add acupuncturist to your repertoire. It’s a service those looking for natural pain relief would find appealing. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care  

Children’s bodies are still growing. Infants require special care because of the delicate nature of their bodies. Therefore, without specialized training, you can’t address any chiropractic issues of children. With pediatric care training, though, you’ll be able to help with issues like scoliosis in addition to preventative care for children. In recent years, chiropractors have begun to offer services for children with ADHD and autism as well. 

Physical and Occupational Therapy 

As a chiropractor, you can’t offer physical or occupational therapy, though you may provide exercise therapy. However, you may take courses to expand your horizons and provide patients with therapy after a car accident, serious injury, or medical emergency. 

Sports Medicine 

Athletes looking to improve their game or recover from or prevent an injury seek out chiropractic sports medicine. You may accommodate these individuals by completing your sports medicine education.  

How Brand Chiro Can Help 

During our time as a chiropractic marketing agency, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the continuing education options chiropractors have. We know how to evaluate your target market for your new services and update or create a chiropractic marketing plan that includes your new services. We may write chiropractic blogs focusing on introducing your new services and educating your patients in any way we can regarding your new area of expertise. 

As you increase your knowledge and skillset, don’t forget to see how a chiropractic marketing agency can assist. We offer a variety of services for digital marketing for chiropractors to introduce your new services or update your current plan. 

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