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Local Online Marketing Program: SEO+

There’s no debate anymore. A practice’s online presence is key to its growth and success. 97% of consumers utilize the Internet when researching local businesses and products. It is a given that prospects will either use the web to find your practice or use it to check out your practice.

Modern technology, particularly the computer and smart phones, has dramatically changed consumer behavior. Today’s consumer is marked by spontaneity and certainty. When any need arises, a consumer has immediate possession of the tools necessary to address the need – and he acts. But, interestingly, because of the access to so much information, your prospect requires certainty before contacting you or making an appointment. The practice that is in place to provide the consumer answers and intellectual comfort is usually the one that gets the new patient.

Comprehensive Online Marketing Campaigns

Brand Chiro is excited to bring in new patients through your door with our SEO marketing partner. We’re committed to making sure our clients are leveraging the Internet correctly and successfully. We develop and implement ongoing comprehensive and profitable online marketing campaigns for our clients. The first step is to be found. The second is to be chosen.

Over two hundred “ranking factors” for search engines have been identified. Cognizant of all these factors, local SEO campaigns focus primarily on the “Big 3”:

  1. Natural and strategic link building
  2. Directory citation development and management
  3. Reputation marketing – harvesting and leveraging consumer reviews.

These are part of our process to create a solid foundation online that will deliver results, both in the short term and the long.


Regular Reporting

In our efforts to serve you better, we regularly monitor your practice’s strength online. We share these reports with you twice a month. One report measures your performance for keywords (selected search terms) in Google (organic, mobile, and maps), Yahoo (organic and local) and Bing (organic and local). With the report each month we will share a brief interpretation of the data.

The second report you will receive covers our monitoring of your online reviews, both those generated through our system and those from other sources. The reports encourage your staff to utilize our simple reviews program to its fullest and to keep an eye out for random reviews that may appear about your practice on the Internet.


Very few are doing the Internet right. The Internet is still relatively new in our culture and harness its its power is challenging. But, for the bold, the Internet provides a unique opportunity for a new or existing practice to gain a decisive competitive advantage in its community

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