You could be an outstanding chiropractor with a strong educational background and a highly revered staff. Your reviews may also be four and five stars. However, that doesn’t always get you the patients. Sometimes, it takes researching the competition and hiring a chiropractic marketing agency like Brand Chiro to optimize your website to set you above the rest. Where do you begin?

Research Who the Competition Is 

First and foremost, you should know who your competition is. You can figure this out through an internet search. Typically, if the other practices hired a digital marketing agency for chiropractors, they may show up in a search for “chiropractor near your location” or another similar search. 

Take a look at the chiropractors in the search, and visit each one of their sites. Get a feel for what each one offers. Pick out the ones that supply the same or similar services as you. These are your main competition. 

As you’re comparing sites, think about the tone the sites use, including the blog. Is the content light and heartfelt, or are they more clinical with technical information? This can help you determine what tone will work for your target audience. Keep this in mind if you hire an agency to assist. 

Evaluate Your Competition’s Services 

Look at the competition’s services. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they offering the same services as you? 
  • Are they providing services that you don’t? 
  • Are you supplying services that they don’t offer?  

Although you don’t need to offer every service they do, your services should include some of the ones they do. 

Additionally, try adding some that other chiropractors in the region aren’t. For instance, it may benefit you to further your education and earn a certification that can entice more people, such as pregnancy chiropractic care. Think about adding a unique service, such as acupuncture or massage. 

Compare Star Ratings

Once you identify who your target audience is, look at their reviews. Read about their positives and negatives. Incorporate the positives into your business plan while focusing on avoiding the negatives. 

Check Out the Competition’s Social Media

Although you don’t want to copy your competition’s social media page, reviewing their page can give you a general idea of what works and what doesn’t. See which posts receive the most positive feedback.

Do all of your competitors use social media? You could put yourself as a frontline runner if your practice is active on social media while other practices aren’t. 

Contact a Chiropractic Marketing Agency 

When you hire a digital marketing agency for chiropractors like Brand Chiro, you’ll have a meet and greet that includes discussing your goals. You’ll talk about how you’d like to reach a certain market and the services you’re trying to highlight. 

Now, your digital marketing specialist will talk about your options, such as social media and blogging. Maybe, you could use an upgrade to your website with enhanced SEO, videos, etc.  

A chiropractor website design company can do extensive research on your competition and target audience. Based on analytics, your marketing specialist can implement a plan to outrank the competition. 

Besides researching your target market and audience, a digital marketing company knows what works and what doesn’t. From their experience, they understand what’s trending and the techniques that can set you apart from the rest. 

When you continuously work with the company, they can continue to keep your business relevant. 

It helps to research your competitors. Review their websites and social media pages. Get a feel for their successes and failures. Ultimately, use all this information along with the help of chiropractic website design and marketing agency like Brand Chiro to improve your game, get more patients, and generate more revenue.  

Book a call today with Brand Chiro to find out how your competitors are ranking.