Your target audience is the people most likely to utilize your services. You identify them based on age, gender, and other similar demographics. By focusing your efforts on your target market, you can run an effective campaign that isn’t wasting your time, money, or resources. But as a chiropractic practice, how do you determine your target market? Let a professional from Brand Chiro explain. 

Your Local Area 

Truly think about — you’re a chiropractic practice that deals with patients in person, though more emphasis has been placed on telehealth visits over the last few years. However, your practice can’t run that way in most cases. Therefore, one of the main criteria to consider with your target market is your area. 

If you hire Brand Chiro, we implement geo-targeted chiropractic SEO, which means keywords contain your location or the most commonly searched area near you. We use geotargeted chiropractic SEO in your blogs and other content to help you target people in your region. 

Age Bracket of Typical Patients

Age is also a major factor when it comes to chiropractic marketing. As a general rule, the average chiropractic patient is between 45 and 65 years old. This makes sense when you consider that musculoskeletal problems are more common as a person ages, especially once they reach the age of 40. 

While much of your chiropractic blogs should focus on your target audience, you don’t want to alienate the younger crowd, though. Some content should be geared toward them since people in their 20s and 30s may have children with behavioral issues or other problems that could benefit from a pediatric chiropractor.

Some people in this age bracket are also looking to prevent injuries or train for sports. Additionally, those in their 20s and 30s are between the ages when getting pregnant is common, and chiropractic care benefits these women. 

What this means is that you ideally want your chiropractic web design to appeal to the older crowd but not be too old-fashioned that you discourage the younger crowd from visiting your site and booking an appointment. While you want to touch base on problems that affect those 60 and older and younger than 40, a bulk of your content should be geared toward those 40 to 60. And this is exactly what our marketing agency does with our chiropractic blogs. 


You’ve probably noticed that you have more women patients than males. That’s because statistically women are more likely to see a chiropractor than men. In fact, typically, women schedule two more appointments yearly than men. Statistics indicate women visit the chiropractor 11.5 times each year while men only have 9.4 visits yearly. 

When it comes to chiropractic blogs that appeal to men, less tends to be more. Men are more intrigued by non-flowery and non-descriptive pieces. They tend to want blunt and to the point. Therefore, as a general rule, content can have some descriptive words but shouldn’t be overly puffed up with fillers and unnecessary content. That way, the writing can appeal to either gender and not turn the target audience of women away. At our chiropractic marketing agency, we keep this in mind with the content. 

Hire a Professional Agency

You can make a generalized guess on who your target audience is and how to lure them in, but our chiropractic marketing agency knows for certain and understands how to customize the content to your needs.

While these statistics come to give you a general overview, they aren’t static everywhere. You must also consider where your practice is and the demographic of the area. However, we can research and help you appeal to your target audience. 

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