Logo Design Success Story: St. John’s Chiropractic

Brand Chiro’s Approach for New Practices

Chiropractic Logo Design and Branding

As a new practice, Brand Chiro built a modern chiropractic logo that is memorable and tells the story of St. John’s Chiropractic. Our design experts listened carefully to our client’s needs, which allowed us to craft a great looking logo design that will become the foundation for their chiropractic marketing and brand.

Project Results

Brand Chiro recently built a new logo design for St. John’s Chiropractic, a new practice based in Florida. This logo is modern, bold, and relevant to ensure that it can be easily recognized by our client’s local and online communities. St. John Chiropractic’s new logo will help grow their chiropractic brand, which will help them gain even more new patients and rank higher for local SEO in their Florida community.

Team Deliverables

  • Created modern chiropractic logo design
  • Provided a professional brand guide, business card design, complimentary assessment card, thank-you postcard, and two screening banners

Why St. John’s Chiropractic Logo Design Is Successful

At Brand Chiro, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, personalized logos for clients. We started our process with a logo design that reflected our client’s brand. Then, we produced several concepts and honed in on the one that our client loved. Once the site logo design was chosen, we created multiple different versions of the logo, such as vertical and horizontal layouts, black and white, single color, and more. This logo design was then used to design their business cards, social media logo, and other materials. The finished result was a cohesive logo design that matched perfectly across their site, social media, and physical business. These factors helped create a sustainable brand that can grow with our client, which will help them continue to have chiropractic success.