At Brand Chiro, we stress the importance of keeping up with the times. If you don’t, you could find that your practice isn’t getting the exposure it deserves. And you know what that means? Fewer patients and less income for you. Therefore, you must keep up your chiropractic marketing to keep up with the trends. We have a few suggestions to help you stay relevant! 

Utilize a Chiropractic Marketing Agency 

One of the most effective ways to remain ahead of your competition in 2022 is to use a chiropractic marketing agency to your advantage. We offer chiropractic web design so you have a professional look. Our chiropractic marketing agency offers logo design, search engine optimization, and advertising for chiropractors, among other services. We know all the tips and tricks to build your brand and get you noticed. 

Make Online Directories Work for You 

You should include your practice in as many online directories as possible. Additionally, always make sure your contact information is updated for those directories. This is where prospective patients will find information about you, and if the most recent number isn’t accurate, you could lose those patients. The info to include on your directory is as follows:

  • Name of practice
  • Address
  • Office number 
  • Website address 
  • Reviews

It also helps to have a few recent photos of your practice that put it in the best light, such as pictures of you and your team and office.  

Be Certain Your Website Mobile Friendly 

Often, people use their cell phones to search for the information they need, possibly on their work break or while waiting to pick up their children. They might be looking up information about local chiropractors at this point. And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, they might give up and search for the next listing. 

Use Online Advertising 

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC advertising, is a marketing technique that allows your website to appear on Google. Your ad will appear as one of the top results with an icon beside it. Prospective patients will be guaranteed to see your site, and you only have to pay a fee if the person clicks on your site, making it both cost-efficient and effective. 

As a general rule, you want this advertising to lead to a landing page. Somewhere on that page should have a call to action that includes your phone number. This allows you to not only draw in potential patients but also seal the deal. 

Start Using Video Marketing 

Not all potential patients want to read your blogs, look at pictures of you online, and read your lengthy bio. By adding videos, you appeal to these individuals while increasing your visibility in the meantime. 

Plus, video marketing can give people an idea of exactly who you are. It’s a much more personal experience than merely reading about you and your accomplishments and educational background. 

Up Your Social Media Presence

Although your chiropractic web design and advertising for chiropractors is important, you might be missing a vital component of your marketing plan – social media presence. A chiropractic marketing agency can help you establish a page and come up with weekly posts to keep followers engaged and sharing. 

Marketing is changing, whether you believe it’s for the better or worse. Rather than leave your practice’s success up to fate, make sure your site is updated and you’re using the techniques most suited for this time. At Brand Chiro, our chiropractic marketing agency can keep your marketing techniques aligned with the trends of this year. 

Learn more about the services we provide to keep up with the times by scheduling a call today. You can also reach us by calling 678-562-7893.