As a chiropractic marketing agency, we at Brand Chiro have done our research. We see firsthand how the techniques we use for marketing affect practices. From this experience, we learned what works and what doesn’t. And this information could help you in your marketing endeavors.


Blogs use search engine optimization to help your practice rank highly. When you create a regular blog, you have more opportunities for your business to succeed because you’re making it on Google’s search results numerous times, which heightens your odds of exposure. 

Additionally, blogging helps gain trust. When you have a blog with countless informative pieces, you prove to prospective and current patients that you’re a knowledgeable chiropractor, which aids in expanding your market and maintaining your current patients. 

Plus, you’re providing patients with accurate information that has value, even when they’re not directly in your office. 


Branding is a term that describes giving your practice a static personality. It’s patients’ way of identifying who you are and possibly what you do. 

As you’re working with a chiropractic marketing agency, you’ll notice that the goal is to create a face for your brand that incorporates your services and can become part of your practice.  

For instance, your logo is part of your branding and should be an element that prospective and current clients view on their website, your business cards, and possibly on your uniforms. 

Social Media 

It’s safe to say that a high volume of your potential and current patients are using social media, considering 240 million people in the US were on social media in 2020. This means that 72.3 percent of Americans were using social media. 

You can use your social media page to post your blogs, updates about your practice, and more. 

You’ll reach a large number of people at one time. These individuals may share the post, which allows their friends and family to see your post, ultimately increasing your exposure. 


A website can be part of your brand. It’s a way for people to find your business and discover who you are and what you offer. Prospective patients determine if they’re interested in your services this way. 

Based on a few studies, it’s safe to say that 70 percent or more of people look for information about a healthcare practice online. Without a website, you’re missing out on the patients who search the web for their healthcare practitioners. 


First and foremost, video marketing can do something in-print marketing efforts can’t — give people a physical view of who you are. 

Just like blogs, you can reach a large number of people at once, especially when you share social media or publish on YouTube. 

After conducting research, we found that many people prefer videos over text. Therefore, when you don’t have video, you’re losing out on the people who will overlook your business for one that has video marketing implemented. 

Word of Mouth 

While a chiropractic marketing agency can handle all of the aforementioned techniques for you, this one is on you. Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t dead; it’s alive and well and depends on you providing a phenomenal patient experience. One that’s so outstanding that patients tell their friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. 

Patients may tell others about your business in a casual conversation. They may also mention your practice when people ask for recommendations. 

Marketing is key to the success of your practice. You’ll always maintain a high patient load when you have multiple known-to-work marketing techniques in place. It also helps if you and your staff make the patient experience one to remember. 

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