Your website is a way to lure prospective patients to your practice by displaying what makes you unique. If you haven’t updated it in a while, though, it may not be performing as well as it could. Ultimately, this reflects on your patient load. With the help of Brand Chiro, we can ensure your website is up with the times. 

It Uses Old Images of You

View the images you used on your about me page or anywhere else you have a picture. Do you still resemble this photograph? If your photo is four years old or older and your website hasn’t been updated since, it’s a sign your website could use a bit of a refresher. 

As a general rule, your photographs should look remotely similar to what you look like today for one. And if your content hasn’t been updated since those pictures, it’s a safe bet that your content might be a bit outdated. Additionally, it’s typically recommended to revamp your site every few years. 

You Did it Yourself

Unless you’re a specialist in chiropractic web design, chiropractic SEO, and chiropractic marketing along with chiropractic care, your website might be slacking if you did it yourself. While there are programs that make it easy to put together a site on your own, these programs are very basic. When you hire Brand Chiro, you receive a site and customized content that’s professional, ranks highly, and is beyond what a website generator can create.

It’s Difficult to Navigate   

Using chiropractic SEO terms to rank highly isn’t the only factor that matters in terms of your rank. Once prospective patients arrive on your page, if they can’t maneuver around the site easily, you’ll lose that person. 

On the other hand, when a visitor can find what they need without a problem, you’ll have satisfied visitors. Ultimately, this could lead to more traffic and a better rank. 

Your Site No Longer Reflects Who You Are and What You Offer

A few years ago, your site may have showcased exactly what your practice was and who you were as a practitioner. If you have new services, take a different approach, or have new values, it might be time to update your page to reflect what your practice consists of nowadays. 

You Have a New Chiropractor on Your Team 

If you added a chiropractor or other practitioner to your crew, your site should represent you both. Therefore, you’ll need to contact a chiropractic web design company to tailor a site that speaks for both of you. 

Your Rank Is Slipping

One way to gauge the success of your website is based on search ranking. While you can perform a search for commonly used terms for your site to find out how well your site ranks, you can contact Brand Chiro, and we can give you a better idea of how your site is fairing. 

If you notice that your rank is slipping or you’re no longer in the top results, it’s time to update your chiropractic web design. Plus, our marketing agency can also incorporate chiropractic SEO terms in your content to enhance your rank. 

Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly 

You’d be surprised at the number of people who use their phone rather than their laptops or desktops to search online. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, the people who use their phones can’t access your site easily. It may take a long time to load. On the other hand, it might not load at all or will freeze. When a site loads smoothly and quickly on phones, it entices people to stick around on your site and browse.   

If you haven’t updated your site lately, consider it now, especially if your rank is slipping. By giving your site a new appearance, you can enhance your ranking and improve your practice’s visibility. 

Book a call with Brand Chiro to see how we can revive your chiropractic web design.