While you may have goals for your practice and have all the training and experience necessary to run one, life doesn’t always go as planned. The same applies to business. However, fortunately, when you recognize the signs, you can take steps to reroute your business and improve the future of your practice. 

And at Brand Chiro, we help practices avoid bumps in the road or redirect them when unforeseen issues arise, particularly, through chiropractic web design, chiropractic blogs, chiropractic marketing, and other chiropractic marketing practices. 

You’ve Been Getting Negative Reviews on Yelp.

Although our marketing for chiropractors can’t help you get stellar reviews every time, this is a sign you may need to make internal changes or alter your marketing plan a bit. 

First and foremost, read your reviews carefully. Understand exactly what aspects of your practice patients view as negative. It may be something you need to change internally, such as your tableside manner or staffing. 

However, in some cases, poor reviews have to do with a lack of consistency between a patient’s expectations and your services. For instance, if you note you’re friendly and so is the staff and this isn’t the case when the patient arrives, it may cause the patient to lose trust in you. At this point, you may need a chiropractic web design and content creation company that will listen to exactly who you are and your philosophy. Through this information, the staff will be able to create new content that better describes who you are as a chiropractor and what patients can expect at your practice. 

You Really Don’t See Any New Patients. 

Your current chiropractic web design and other chiropractic marketing might not be working to your advantage if you’re not seeing any new patients, and most of your business is your long-term patients. 

Although it’s essential to establish new patients on a regular basis, these individuals aren’t enough to keep a practice open, at least one that’s profitable. Therefore, you must be continuously marketing to attract new patients. And if you notice you’re not getting very many, it might be time to change your marketing plan, which could include hiring a company to write chiropractic blogs or manage your chiropractic social media, among other aspects of your practice. In some cases, it may be that you need a better SEO plan. This is necessary for your practice to get listed on the results and have people view your website.

You Don’t Have Repeated Patients. 

Your practice does require new patients coming in on a habitual basis. It also, however, needs repeat patients to be a success. Although some of your patients may only come for a visit or two due to the nature of chiropractic care, take notice of patients who should come back for future appointments but don’t return. This is often a sign they weren’t happy with their service or the results of chiropractic care. 

For one, you should have your website updated to reflect what you offer and your values. For two, take a look at your approach, how you speak to patients, and your staff’s interactions with the patients. You may need to tweak certain aspects of your practice to increase patient satisfaction so patients are more likely to return. 

It’s normal for a practice to have occasional downtime or get a negative review or two, recurring events can signify you need to make changes to your marketing plan or practice to enhance your practice prospects. Fortunately, at Brand Chiro, we offer an array of services, such as chiropractic social media marketing and other chiropractic marketing services, to assist. 

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