Although your goal might be to help people in your community live better lives with less pain, you still have to generate a profit, not only so you live comfortably but so your practice continues to thrive. You can take actionable steps to increase your practice’s revenue. And at Brand Chiro, we’re a chiropractic marketing agency that can assist. There are also other steps you can take as well. 

Have a Strong Digital Marketing Plan

Take a look at your digital marketing plan. Are you covering all areas? Do you have a strong chiropractic SEO plan implemented? What about your chiropractic social media and website? Could it possibly be time to update or expand your services? If you’re looking to increase your revenue, you need to look at your current plan. The Internet is where most of your patients are looking for patients. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you won’t reach those patients. 

Whenever you’re considering your marketing plan, make sure you have an easy-to-load website that summarizes what you do on your homepage. Prospective patients should be able to find all the information they need to compare you and your practice on your website. Well-written content is also essential. No matter how many degrees, certifications, and accolades you have, potential patients will overlook you if you have poorly written content with grammatical errors. 

It’s also vital that you have chiropractic SEO integrated into your content. These potential patients will then be able to easily find you because you’ll rank highly on the search results, making you a shoo-in as a chiropractor for them. 

Consider Adding Additional Services 

If you’re noticing you’re not increasing your income gradually, consider adding new services. Think about hiring a massage therapist or acupuncturist or getting a certification in nutritional counseling. 

These additional services will entice new patients who may be looking for a specific service you offer. You’ll appeal to these individuals. 

Work on Local Marketing Tactics as Well

Sometimes, you miss out on patients when you don’t have any local marketing tactics implemented, such as fliers. This is because some people aren’t interested in searching the web to find a practitioner. You can then target these individuals and get the word out about your practice. 

Work on Preventing No-Shows

If people are scheduling appointments in advance, they often forget they have a visit scheduled. While phone reminders can assist with this, if the call goes to voicemail, they might neglect to check it. We’re currently in a world where most people prefer text messages. They then know exactly why you’re contacting them quickly and will be sure to receive it. Therefore, if you don’t already have a text reminder system implemented, get one. 

Create a list of patients who are willing to come in on the spur of the moment or have a flexible schedule. Contact these patients in times when you have no-shows. 

Reach out to the patients who are no-shows and inquire why. This will give you an idea of changes you can make to reduce the possibility of no-shows. 

Consider offering a discount for patients who choose to prepay. You may find that patients are more inclined to show up when there’s money involved. 

Be Flexible

Parenting, jobs, and everyday life can make it difficult for people to fit appointments into their schedules. These can interfere with a person being able to schedule an appointment. Therefore, try to be as flexible as possible with scheduling to give people the option of appointments they know they can keep. That may mean offering evening appointments or early morning ones.  

You can take steps to optimize your income by reducing no-calls and being flexible. And it’s vital to have a strong online presence. Fortunately, at Brand Chiro, we offer chiropractic SEO and other services to assist. With our chiropractic marketing agency, you get your money’s worth in the return for an increase in revenue.