When you discuss your chiropractic website design with our team, you’ll be asked about the mood or feeling you want to generate in readers. You’ll be asked about any preferences you have as well. This gives us an idea of what type of look you’re going for so we can choose a scheme ideal for your particular practice. Part of that equation entails our chiropractic marketing agency professional choosing colors and a background that delineates your practice well. Here’s what you should know about what emotions and thoughts different colors evoke. 


Think of the color green. What is the first thought that comes to mind? Most people associate green with nature, which makes this hue an excellent choice for a practitioner who specializes in natural healing. 

Not to mention, this color is symbolic of prosperity and well-being. And these concepts encompass exactly what chiropractic care is about — improving a patient’s well-being and allowing them to prosper physically and possibly mentally. 

We should note that green tends to be soothing to the eyes, well at least in soft shades. This makes it so visitors may remain on your page for longer without feeling overwhelmed.  


Blue is professional. It represents everything a practice wants to be known for — calmness, seriousness, and reliability. Everything about the shade of blue, when incorporated into your chiropractic website design properly, can exude a positive feeling to the reader. 

The website designer will choose blues that are easy on the eyes and give off a vibe you want to be known for as a practitioner or practice. A lighter shade of blue, for example, signifies trust. And you want readers to trust not only the content on your page but you as a practitioner and even your practice in general. 

Sometimes, different shades of blue on the same page can depict just the right blend of emotions.


Search for doctors in your area. Click on the first few options and see what their color scheme includes. Often, white is the main color of the website with a few hints of color speckled throughout. And even if the site isn’t predominantly white, there’s usually some white on the page. There’s a reason for this. 

White looks professional and clean. Often, a website is the first impression a person has of a practice, and these sentiments are two medical practices want to present themselves as. 

Other emotions that white portray include pureness and kindness, two other emotions a chiropractor wants to depict him or herself as.

With its non-busy appearance, white automatically stimulates the brain to think of something non-cluttered. It can easily be associated with healing as well. 

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange can be blinding. They can very well turn a reader away. But, when used correctly, the colors are warm and welcoming. They’re symbolic of energy and reassurance. Both of these traits work well for chiropractic website design because one of the benefits of chiropractic care is an increase in energy. The reassurance part helps the reader to become confident in your services and what chiropractic care has to offer in general. 

Choosing a background and color scheme for a website, especially one for a medical professional like a chiropractor, is more than just selecting colors that match. It’s about awakening a feeling within the reader that helps them to connect with your practice. At Brand Chiro, our chiropractic marketing experts understand the complexity of choosing a color scheme and can help you find the one most fitting for your website. 

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