Your receptionist is the face of your practice. As soon as patients walk through the door or call your office, she or he is the first person they answer to, making hiring a receptionist a vital task. At Brand Chiro, we may not be able to provide you with a receptionist, but we have a few tips to ensure you hire the right one. 

Have the Best Brand Possible

If you’re opening a practice, it’s important to put your best foot forward as a chiropractor and a chiropractic practice. Therefore, make sure you have a strong web presence, including an appealing chiropractic web design. And your website should incorporate chiropractic SEO so it’s easily findable by the people searching for your practice. It also helps to utilize a service for social media for chiropractors and have a professional chiropractic logo. 

Essentially, this means you need to have a strong marketing plan that incorporates concepts relevant in today’s world, such as an easy-to-navigate website and a social page with engaging posts. Ultimately, by getting your name out there, you not only gain more patients, but you simultaneously make a name for yourself in the community. That extends to potential hires. 

Keep in mind that while you’re doing your homework about a potential new hire, they’re using the web to search for you and get a general idea about your practice. And when you represent yourself well online, that prospective hire may become interested in your brand and send his or her resume or fill out an online application. 

Look for Someone With Strong Communication Skills 

Some individuals are naturally nervous around people. They tend to stumble over their words and possibly not make much sense at times. Others may not have the social ability to greet people and address patients’ needs all day long. Therefore, it’s essential you choose someone who has strong communication skills. They can clearly speak and get their point across.

Has Keen Listening Skills 

While it’s wonderful that a person can effectively communicate with others, it’s vital to make sure he or she can listen to the patients as well. Patients are going to have questions that need to be addressed, and you need a receptionist who can listen to them and fully understand what they’re saying so he or she can answer the question or handle the concern. 

Ask About Computer Skills 

In this day and age, much of being a receptionist is handled via computer. The receptionist books appointments through a program, sends emails to clients, etc. All of this requires someone who at least has a fast and accurate typing speed and an understanding of how to use a computer. 

Consider His or Her Personality 

You need someone who’s friendly. Being assertive is necessary, but someone who is too cold can easily turn your patients away. And nowadays, people are pickier and more demanding than ever. Therefore, if you have a receptionist who makes them feel unwelcomed, it’s possible they may never return. 

Discuss Salary and Benefits Up Front 

Whenever you conduct the phone interviews, be honest and forward about compensation and benefits. You can weed through the individuals who aren’t interested this way and only proceed with serious candidates. Bear in mind that you may discover you need to be more competitive with your wages and benefits this way. 

Your receptionist is basically the glue that holds your practice together. He or she is the one bringing in patients, welcoming them, and keeping your office running like clockwork. Therefore, you need to hire the one who’s the most qualified. Before you begin, it’s beneficial to hire a professional company for chiropractic web design, chiropractic logos, and chiropractic SEO so you make the best impression possible on potential receptionists. 

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