Do you know how many people visit your website each day? What about each week? Take a look at your practice’s success. Do you have a full patient load each day? If you don’t, you might not be getting the highest level of traffic to your site possible. Fortunately, it’s possible to change all that, especially with the assistance of Brand Chiro. 

Incorporate SEO Into Your Site and Social Media Page

Although we don’t want to give away all of our secrets, the days of keyword stuffing to rank highly are over. The search engine algorithm to rank sites will reduce your status for this practice. Instead, the algorithm is looking to see that a page has the top-rated keywords at a moderate density. 

You could take a chance and guess at the keywords and their density and hope to get it right. However, at Brand Chiro, we have a team of SEO experts so you can know your site, blog, and social media pages will rank highly. We know how to determine and incorporate the perfect blend of solid content and keywords.

We’ll conduct the research for your area and take that into account when we devise our chiropractic marketing plan for your practice. 

Use Geo-Targeted Keywords  

Ranking highly for generalized keywords for chiropractors isn’t easy anymore. You have too much competition. Plus, it’s not necessary when your goal is to draw in locals to your practice, not gain national exposure. This is where geo-targeted keywords come into play. 

These words are high-ranking keywords along with your local area, strategically placed and weaved into the content naturally. Part of our service includes adding these to your site and content to help you outrank your local competition. 

Have High-Quality Content 

Remember the days of content spinning programs? You pasted the content into the generator, and it rewrote the material to make it unique? While these programs still exist, the search engines are on to this game. Instead of ranking any content with the appropriate keywords highly, the search engines are ranking high-quality content highly only. 

Therefore, besides being search engine optimized with the appropriate keywords, your site also must have high-quality content, free of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. It also needs to sound like a human wrote it.  

Create a Social Media Page

Social media works in multiple ways for doubling your traffic. For one, it’s one more way you can gain exposure online. Secondly, a page, especially for social media for chiropractors, will have posts that can be shared with others, and people who may have never heard about your practice or the wonders of chiropractic care will come across your posts.

Thirdly, and lesser-known, your social media page is one more way your practice can be on the search results. With the right SEO and strong content, both could rank on the first page, giving your practice more visibility. 

Start a Chiropractic Blog 

Chiropractic blogs are one more way you can get people to visit your site and possibly remain there for more than five minutes. By having a blog with diverse, engaging content, you keep current and prospective patients aware of your practice and how you can benefit them. It’s also a way to connect with people and keep them on your page as long as possible.  

And the final reason to have a chiropractic blog is that you can rank on the search results for each blog you have.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency  

While having a page for social media for chiropractors and incorporating chiropractic SEO are crucial for drawing in more traffic to your website, it’s not as easy as this blog makes it look. One misstep can be the difference between having 100 visitors to your site daily, 100 weekly, or none at all. 

This is when a chiropractic marketing agency comes into play. Our team understands all the ins and outs of chiropractic SEO, social media for chiropractors, and all other aspects in between. We can provide you with high-quality web content, chiropractic blogs, and more, all to double your traffic.  

Hiring a digital marketing agency can make all the difference in the traffic your site receives. And when you have experts on the job, you’ll see just how it can positively affect your patient load. 

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