In today’s market, you have to be competitive as an employer. While you don’t have to pay people an extravagant amount above what they would usually make, you can take steps to show you care and let them know you appreciate everything they do. At Brand Chiro, we can offer services to assist and have a few tips.

Let Them Eat Cake 

Marie-Antoinette became famous for saying, “Let them eat cake.” While you can surprise them with a cake every now and then, you should consider spoiling them with food, in general, every now and then. 

Most people love to eat. It’s actually a social norm in many cultures for meals to be a time to share and enjoy each others’ time and companionship. Therefore, it helps to order pizza every so often or bring in doughnuts once a week. 

Offer Interesting Benefits 

Healthcare and dental insurance are wonderful to offer. People need to be able to take care of their and their families’ dental and overall health. However, these are expected by full-time employees. 

Instead, think outside of the box. For instance, think about offering a gym membership. In one sense, your employees win because they have access to a gym anytime they want at no cost to them. It’s just motivation they have to bring to the table. On the other hand, keeping your staff healthy can ward off illness and reduce the number of call-offs.

If your practice can afford it, consider offering tuition reimbursement. Keep in mind that you can stipulate the employee must stay with your practice for so many years after they graduate. And we should note that you may be able to offer more services if you have someone who’s trained in different areas of medicine, such as a massage therapist. Plus, they’ll be more capable of taking classes if they’re affordable. 

Set up a rewards program where people get so many points for being good workers. It’s an incentive for them to work harder for your practice. You can offer them financial incentives toward buying items in a catalog, or you can opt for a reloadable credit card with so much money on it depending on the number of reward points they earned. 

Do you have employees with children? Do they struggle to find someone reliable to watch their little ones? You could benefit, and so could your employees, if you provide an in-house daycare program. If this is a bit too costly, you could offer to take a fee out of your employees’ paychecks and you cover, let’s say, 45 or 60 percent of daycare expenses. 

Offer Raises Based on Performance 

Whilst there are cost of living raises and annual raises, these aren’t much of an incentive for employees to do well. They’re what’s to be expected. However, when you offer raises based on your employees’ performance, they have a reason to work hard. 

Hire Outside Help

You can ask your receptionist to create invoices and other routine tasks, but be careful about asking your office staff to do too much. For example, you don’t want to ask your receptionist to run your social media account, put together a new website layout for you, or manage any aspect of your marketing. That’s not part of the office staff’s job, and you could easily burn your employees out this way. 

Rather than having your staff taking on tasks that aren’t in their wheelhouses, hire professionals for chiropractic web design or to run your chiropractic social media campaign. Hire a chiropractic marketing agency who can complete various tasks so you can free up your employees’ time. And you’ll benefit from this as well because you’ll receive high-quality results and can utilize your staff’s time elsewhere.  

At Brand Chiro, we’re more than just a chiropractic marketing agency; we’re that help you can use when all the hands on deck you have are already overwhelmed. With our chiropractic website design and chiropractic social media services, you can have someone working behind the scenes to do those important tasks that your staff may not be trained to handle. 

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