You may benefit from adding another chiropractor to your practice. For instance, it’s possible to take on more patients when you have multiple patients. You could use the helping hand to take off time to spend at home or have a more flexible schedule. Plus, you can share the financial responsibilities. Once you officially take on a new chiropractor, you’ll need to take certain steps in your marketing. This could actually benefit your practice as well as the new practitioner. 

Make an Announcement on Social Media 

If you utilize our social media for chiropractors, request that we make an announcement on your social media page(s). In the announcement, we’ll explain your excitement and mention the practitioner’s name, specialties, and other vital information. 

Update Your About Us Page

With the new addition to your practice, it’s only right to mention the chiropractor by name and provide a biography. It may even be in your best interest to revamp the page so the layout is more friendly for a two-chiropractor practice. This is something to discuss with our chiropractic marketing agency. 

Discuss Preferences With New Practitioner 

When you bring on a new chiropractor, you need to incorporate their opinion into your marketing. At Brand Chiro, we recommend both of you talk with a member of our chiropractic marketing agency and decide on marketing techniques that work for both of you. 

At this point, we’ll talk about a plan that meets the needs of both you and the other chiropractor. This may include incorporating a new look to your site or maybe updating your logo.

Create a Blog Announcing the Change  

Brand Chiro advises practices to announce changes to the practice via their blog. Chiropractic blogs educate all your current patients and often attract new ones. And when you have a new chiropractor, people may be interested in getting to know a member of your team they may have an appointment with at some point during their time with your practice.  

Therefore, if you subscribe to receive chiropractic blogs regularly, consult with a member of the team about crafting an announcement blog to welcome your new staff member. Make sure you know some information about the other chiropractor that you’d like to include in the blog. It may even help to add some personal information about the practitioner.  

Revise All Your Website Content

You need to have a chiropractic marketing agency go through all your pages and update the content to reflect the fact that you have a second chiropractor at your practice. While the About Us page should be a primary focus, you need to include information about the new practitioner on your pages.

If the new chiropractor is going to offer any other services besides the ones you offer, there will need to be an add-on to your services page. 

Send Out a Letter or Email 

If you have all of your patients’ emails, you should send a message to everyone about the new chiropractor and include information about the practitioner’s experience, educational background, etc. You could send a newsletter via the mail if you don’t have everyone’s email addresses.


Schedule an appointment with a chiropractic marketing agency once you’re onboarding a new chiropractor. We can ensure the practitioner feels included and help make this addition a positive in terms of your marketing efforts. We’ll be able to assist you with a variety of services, including a logo update and one or more chiropractic blogs to inform patients of the new practitioner, among other services. 

Book a call today with Brand Chiro if you’re welcoming a new chiropractor to your practice and want to update your marketing plan. You may also call us at 678-562-7893.