Telemedicine has become quite popular since the beginning of the pandemic. Practitioners in all medical specialties, from cardiology to family medicine to psychiatry have begun offering this option to keep in touch with their patients when they had to close their doors. Not to mention, it keeps those at risk safe at home while still getting the medical care they require.

You may have your doors wide open again, but could you benefit from adding telemedicine services? As experts in digital marketing for chiropractors, Brand Chiro would like to give you some insight, help you weigh the pros and cons, and offer our chiropractic marketing services as you set up this service.  

Can’t Offer Your Usual Services 

As you already know, much of the care you provide consists of hands-on treatments. Therefore, telemedicine greatly limits how you care for your patients. For instance, you can’t perform spinal alignments, decompression therapy, TENS, and various other chiropractic treatments. 

Can Create a Telehealth Program

While standard chiropractic is impossible to provide, you can create a new program, especially for those who would prefer telehealth. With your telemedicine program, you can discuss your patients’ problems and give them insight into reducing their pain and discomfort at home. 

You can even guide them through exercise therapy. You perform the exercises as an example. Then, you can then watch the patient and provide feedback on how to optimize their form or technique. 

If you specialize in nutrition, you could offer nutritional counseling as a telehealth service. This can help people choose better foods while they’re at home.

Part of your telehealth service could also include lifestyle advice.  

Has Been Known to Reduce No-Call, No-Shows

Because no-call, no-shows happen, chiropractors and other practitioners tend to overbook themselves to compensate. Often, this leads to long wait times. And this is a vicious cycle because the long wait times are sometimes a reason a patient decides not to show up. 

Telehealth gives people an option of how to see you that doesn’t require them to sit in the waiting room. Additionally, if someone is having car trouble or has a sick child, they can’t leave the house to visit your office. With telehealth, they don’t have to leave the house to meet with you. 

Will Need the Proper Programming

This is the part of implementing telehealth that may be the most inconvenient. You have several options to choose from when setting up telehealth for your practice. You could search online for specialized software designed for practitioners. On the other hand, you could use one of the online video conferencing programs to communicate with your patients. The software is much more professional, but you may not want to go that route if most of your appointments will still be in-person visits. That is a large expense that may not be worth it. 

Will Need to Update Your Marketing 

Nobody will use your telehealth services if they don’t know it exists. This is when our chiropractic marketing agency comes into play. We can help you inform your patients of your new telehealth service by adding a note about it or a button to connect the patient to you on your website. Additionally, we offer chiropractic marketing services, such as blogging and social media management. Using either of these digital marketing methods, we can promote the service and even educate patients on what to expect.  

Telemedicine is possible for chiropractors, though the care is a bit different. It can benefit your practice, but it’s important you take steps to make these visits worth it for your patients. Not to mention, you need to update your chiropractic marketing plan to inform current and potential patients that telehealth visits are available. 

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