Facebook ads can target the people most likely to utilize your practice. It’s a chiropractic marketing technique that reaches a large number of people and can help gain brand awareness. However, before you decide whether advertising on social media for chiropractors is for your practice, you should know what types of advertisements are available, as noted by Brand Chiro — a marketing agency specializing in chiropractic branding. 

Lead Generating Ads

Lead-generating ads have a direct call-to-action, usually a button, that encourages readers to take action. With a lead-generating ad, you’ll usually be asked to fill out a form. Facebook’s platform makes it simple for users to complete the forms by offering the option of autofill, making it convenient and quick for users to request information.  

Ads to Encourage Scheduling an Appointment 

Another type of Facebook ad is one to encourage prospective patients to book an appointment. The ad may discuss any specials your practice is promoting at the time or any unique services you offer to entice people. 

Brand Awareness 

Not all chiropractic marketing ads on Facebook encourage patients to schedule an appointment or request more information. Some ads aren’t meant to be actionable but are instead used to educate people about your practice. Brand awareness posts can attract new patients and remind former patients about your business. 

With brand awareness ads, you may be featuring an ad about new services. On the other hand, if you move locations or add a new staff member, a marketing agency would use this ad. 


This ad variety is intended to draw traffic to your site. A social media management company may post these ads with links to blogs on your site. The ad might lead a current or prospective patient to your site’s service page by noting a service and why it’s beneficial, then including a link to the page. 

With these ads, we encourage patients to visit your site. And while we aren’t directly providing a call-to-action, it’s often implied with this kind of ad. 

Video Ads 

Video ads reach people who prefer to engage with practice using video. This form of advertising helps people get an in-person glimpse of who you are and your services. It’s the ideal way to let your personality shine through so a patient feels comfortable with you before coming to your office.  

Moreover, search algorithms pick up on videos. Therefore, a video is more likely to be seen by more social media users. 

Image Ads 

As you decide on Facebook ads, consider image ads. With these ads, your current and potential clients can see images of your practice and the services you provide. Therefore, it’ll stimulate their minds and help them visualize. 

Image ads can encourage people to take action, such as scheduling a visit or calling the office. 

Facebook ads can be a way to get your name out there or encourage people to book an appointment. You can use several types to reach a variety of people. Fortunately, when you discuss your project with Brand Chiro, you can choose multiple Facebook ad types to optimize your campaign. 

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