If you don’t know what a call to action is on a website or blog, you should take a few moments to educate yourself. This tactic has been around since the induction of web-based advertising for chiropractors and in general. At Brand Chiro, you’ll notice this as part of our content and website creation process, and there’s a good reason for it. 

What’s a Call to Action 

A call to action is a sentence or phrase that encourages visitors to take action when they’re on your page. For instance, chiropractic blogs consist of information that engages readers and may promote your brand. Sometimes, they’re placed at the top of the page or the center of a long blog. Most often though, you find them at the end of a blog post. They encourage visitors to read another blog, visit another page on your site, book an appointment, or call your practice. 

The purpose of them is to encourage readers to take action in some way. When used to entice readers to schedule an appointment, they usually include your number and possibly a link to your contact page or booking tool, sometimes both. You may also notice the call to action encourages the reader to call to ask questions. 

Transition Between Educating and Taking Action

While chiropractic blogs incorporate SEO to attract readers, a chiropractic marketing agency will use a call to action to seal the deal. If visitors like what they see, the call to action is a way to transition their interest into them reaching out to you directly and hopefully becoming a patient. 

Readers Expect Them

Think about a time when you searched for a business online. Even if you didn’t read all the content, you may have scrolled down to find the company’s contact information. This is because, as a consumer, you expected the business’ content to include their contact information somewhere on the page, usually on the top or bottom.  


In today’s fast-paced world, people want everything now. They don’t want to spend much time searching on a webpage to find the information they need to contact a practice or business. And as a chiropractic marketing agency, we get that. That’s why you’ll notice we place a practice’s contact information in convenient locations. Buttons, such as “Book now” or “Call us,” make it convenient for a person to remain on the website and schedule an appointment without any hassle. 

When you have calls to action at the end of every page and all your chiropractic blogs, people won’t need to waste any time searching your site to find the information they need to read you.  

Part of a Proven Marketing Technique

One aspect of measuring your marketing consists of evaluating conversions. This figure is a comparison of the number of visitors to your page versus those who take an actionable step, such as calling you or booking an appointment. 

While various factors affect your conversion rate, like engaging content, the call to action plays a pivotal role in this process. Its main purpose is to turn a viewer into a patient — the ultimate chiropractic marketing conversion. 

Calls to action are an added feature we include in our advertising for chiropractors. It’s at no additional cost to you, but you’ll notice it on your web copy, chiropractic blogs, etc. As a chiropractic marketing agency with experience, we understand the tremendous impact it has on a practice for the reasons listed above.  

Contact Brand Chiro today to discuss our blogging and other web services by calling 678-562-7893. You may also use our convenient form. We’ll be sure to include calls to action where appropriate to increase your patient load!