You may have a strong web presence, or maybe you still need some help with it from a professional at Brand Chiro, a company offering digital marketing for chiropractors, chiropractic logos, chiropractic blogs, and so much more. While you may be enticing patients or at least planning to have high traffic to your site, one vital component may be where you go wrong – the phone call. Here are some examples of times when you might have interested people calling who never dial your number or visit your office. 

Vague Answers to Questions 

When a prospective patient calls your office, he or she wants answers to his or her questions. While an essay-like response isn’t necessary, your staff should definitely be giving more than one-word answers. 

For instance, if the question is, “Does your chiropractor perform adjustments,” your staff should go beyond merely answering yes to the question. Let your staff know they should be explaining any techniques you use that may differ from other chiropractors or something else that could pique the prospective patient’s interest. 

Not Engaging Them 

More than likely, prospective patients are comparing multiple practitioners in the area before they decide on the one right for them. Therefore, it takes more than a one-word response to seal the deal in many cases. 

Let’s say, a potential patient contacts your office asking if you take their insurance. Not only do you want a member of your staff to answer the question, but he or she may also want to ask how the patient heard about the practice. Inquire which services the patient is most interested in, and provide information regarding whether that service is usually covered. Perhaps, your receptionist could say, “We do take XYZ Insurance. We have several long-term patients who use that insurance provider, and they haven’t had a problem yet. Were there certain services are you interested in?” 

When you’re engaging the patient, they have an easier time relating to you and your practice.

Answering Without Enthusiasm

While everyone has a bad day now and then, if your staff members sound like someone just popped their balloon every time they answer the phone, they might be turning patients away without knowing. The prospective patients want someone who is going to ask how they’re doing, answer their questions precisely, and genuinely be friendly. If the staff isn’t living up to these expectations, the potential patient may move on to the next practice. 

Not Validating Patients’ Feelings and Considerations 

Try having your staff make connections with patients and show empathy. It can go a long way. If a patient calls and feels the staff cares little about his or her feelings or problems, the patient may never call again. While a sprain may not seem like much, the patient IS looking toward your practice for help, even if your staff has seen this problem a million times. 

Make his or her feelings valid or justified by letting him or her know you understand how frustrating that problem can be and have been in their shoes. Provide them with a brief synopsis of what the chiropractor might do, and let him or her know you can’t wait to see him or her. While it seems a bit over the top, prospective patients don’t ever want to feel like their concerns aren’t important to the practitioner. Empathy can go a long way in correcting this. 

Your staff might be turning away patients without saying the magic words, “We aren’t accepting new patients.” It’s important to understand the possible ways your practice may be turning away patients, and what you can do about it. 

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