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How to make a Blog Post

How to post a blog to your Brand Chiro website! STEP 1: Login to your website with the information you were provided from our team.  Generally this is typing a URL similar to [...]

Chiropractic Facebook

Boosting your Videos on Facebook Why do I need to boost posts? Did you know that Facebook has decreased the organic reach for practice's business page. That means that to be seen in your community’s news [...]

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Mobile Chiropractic Websites

Mobile has become more important to people’s daily routines than ever, and that includes the way they find local businesses to visit. If you have a website that is not ready for mobile, you could [...]

Artwork and Your chiropractic practice branding

A brand involves the summation of experiences with your business, including what people see on the walls when they come to your offices. Everything works together to create a unique whole that communicates the core [...]

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Brand Chiro – Chiropractic Marketing

At Brand Chiro, we believe that this generation of chiropractors can change the way our healthcare system works.  We believe that you have the ability to educate our world on the importance of preventative care [...]

Branding, Marketing and the Line Between

The term brand marketing is a common misnomer in that branding and marketing are two separate sides of the same coin. Branding is the visual identity of a company and a promise of excellence to [...]