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Benefits of Starting a Group Practice

Did you notice most medical doctors no longer operate private practices? Most practices consist of a team of practitioners nowadays. While chiropractors typically work alone, it doesn’t have to be this way. You may

Should You Sell Vitamins and Supplements?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that over two billion people worldwide suffer from a nutrient deficiency. A percentage of those individuals are in the U.S. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and

What to Include in Your Bio

When you hire Brand Chiro for chiropractic website design or chiropractic marketing in general, we’ll request you include information for a biography about yourself. Then, one of our creative writers/specialists in digital marketing for

Could You Be Inadvertently Turning Away Patients?

You may have a strong web presence, or maybe you still need some help with it from a professional at Brand Chiro, a company offering digital marketing for chiropractors, chiropractic logos, chiropractic blogs, and

6 Things Every New Chiropractor Needs

When you’re a new chiropractor opening a practice, there’s so much to think about. You have to come up with a marketing plan, and you need to find a building for your practice that’s

Importance of Connecting With Potential Patients

Marketing for a chiropractic agency is a bit different than marketing for any other industry, and we can say that from experience. Let’s take a brownie manufacturer, for instance. The company wants to make

How to Use LinkedIn in 2022

In the not-too-distant past, LinkedIn was just viewed as a way for people to network to find jobs. But the site has made changes and it can be an excellent way for businesses to

Tips for Hiring Your Next Receptionist

Your receptionist is the face of your practice. As soon as patients walk through the door or call your office, she or he is the first person they answer to, making hiring a receptionist

Ways to Show Your Staff You Care

In today’s market, you have to be competitive as an employer. While you don’t have to pay people an extravagant amount above what they would usually make, you can take steps to show you

Tips for Taking Awesome Photos for Your Website

While we can assist you with our awesome chiropractic web design, chiropractic SEO, and chiropractic social media services, sometimes, your site requires your special touch in addition to our chiropractic marketing finesse. Whenever you’re

How to Improve the Work Environment of Your Practice

The work environment of your practice affects not only your employees but also your patients. Basically, it’s a trickle effect. And you’ve probably heard the expression, “A happy employee is a productive employee,” and

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Target New Patients

Brand Chiro, a chiropractic marketing agency in Wilmington, North Carolina, sees the difference firsthand that different marketing techniques do for our clients. We’ve researched the industry thoroughly and understand just what prospective patients want

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