Blogging isn’t easy. It’s not merely writing about a topic. There’s much more entailed, such as choosing interesting topics and engaging with the readers. This isn’t taking into consideration that a blog won’t get seen by many people if it doesn’t rank high on the SERPs. Fortunately, Brand Chiro is a chiropractic marketing agency with chiropractic SEO and chiropractic blogging experience. We have some insight and can even offer you the assistance of our team if you’re struggling to create blogs yourself.

Choose Topics That Are Unique 

Don’t get us wrong. Explaining chiropractic terms, conditions, treatments, etc. is valuable to the readers. And it will get some views, so it’s fine to sprinkle your blog with some general information posts. However, a bulk of your content should center around creative topics that go beyond general information blogs. 

For instance, don’t simply speak about the benefits of chiropractic care. This has been done before unless you have a few benefits that aren’t on every single other chiropractor’s blog as well as holistic health blogs and possibly even on a view doctor’s blogs. 

Instead, if you would like to write a benefits post and have nothing unique to add to the topic, consider focusing on the benefits of chiropractic for a certain group, such as baseball players or runners. Focus on the advantages of receiving chiropractic care if someone is moving or is a delivery driver. Try to take a different angle than other people are or at least what many other blogs have already stated. 

Be Engaging 

Technical medical jargon never goes over well with blog readers. It’s more for other chiropractors or those reading a medical journal. It takes a special talent to convert medical information into something readable and enjoyable to a general audience. Therefore, your content should be “light.” The material can talk about medical subjects but in a way that the average person with little to no medical knowledge understands. 

If you need help with this, use a tool online that states the reading level of the content you’re writing. Keep the content written to an audience of 7th or 8th graders. This is understandable to the average person, so you’ll make more of a connection with the audience that way. 

Keep SEO in Mind 

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a practice that’s necessary for a blog to rank in the search engines. By incorporating certain keywords, writing high-quality content, etc., your blog will make it on the search ranks and be seen by a larger audience, which can ultimately increase your number of patients. 

Hire a Professional Marketing Company 

Often, professional marketing companies have writers on staff who handle blogging. Instead of stressing and possibly missing the mark or dropping the ball, let professionals, like ours, take care of the blogging for you. 

Share on SEO 

As experts in social media for chiropractors, we’re regularly posting engaging content to social media and seeing just how successful it can be for a practitioner. You can use this powerful marketing tool for your own benefit by sharing your blogs there. It’ll help them reach a larger audience. 

This is also something our chiropractic marketing agency can handle since we do social media management. Just like us know you want your blogs posted on social media, and we can make it happen. 

Ready to create an awesome blog? Our team understands the importance of creating posts that engage and knows how to incorporate keywords to help with ranking. 

If you’re looking for someone to help with your blogging, contact Brand Chiro today by calling 678-562-7893. You may also schedule a future call online.