Internet giants are forever enhancing what you can do on the Internet. They add features that make completing certain tasks quicker or easier. And part of that often revolves around marketing. One program Google offers is called Google My Business. 

But chiropractors may wonder what it is and if they could possibly benefit from it, considering advertising for chiropractors is a bit different than advertising for other types of businesses. Our chiropractic marketing agency would like to take a moment to explain what this is and if you could benefit from using it. 

General Information  

As a chiropractic website design company, offering an array of options for advertising for chiropractors, we’ve heard from our clients what Google My Business has done for them, and it intrigued us. We wanted to share with others about this marketing opportunity. And we should note it’s free. 

With Google My Business, you create a profile and gain more exposure. You use this account to manage your business profile. 

First and foremost, it’s important to know your business profile is a business listing on Google. Specifically, you can find it on Google Maps as well as local search results. This is what you see at the top of a page when you make a local search. It’ll be a series of businesses that may have icons beside them for directions, a website, or online scheduling. When someone opens your business profile, they may leave reviews, ask questions, or even upload images. Information that the search engine pulls from around the web may appear there as well. 

Google My Business lets you manage this profile. You can even customize it. As you customize it, you may increase your visibility and how well the Business Profile feature works for you. When you have the Google My Business option set up, you may respond to people’s reviews. This demonstrates you make an effort to make any wrongdoings right or explain your side of the story, which can help counteract any negative remarks. 

You can use this feature to provide you with insight into how to improve your business. You can also use SEO with this to help your profile rank as well. 

Google My Business and Chiropractors

Although you may see this more often for restaurants and other businesses, chiropractic practices can benefit from it as well. While it shouldn’t be your only chiropractic marketing technique, it can certainly be part of the plan. 

Like other methods of advertising for chiropractors, this is a way for a chiropractor to gain exposure in the local community, especially from city-based searches and “chiropractor near me” ones.  

Let it Be a Guide 

Make sure you religiously check your reviews and interact with anyone who makes a comment. Every time you receive feedback, use it to your advantage. Whenever you receive praise, let it be an inspiration for you to continue giving patients what they want. On the other hand, anytime you receive negative feedback, let it be guidance on what you need to change to improve your practice. 

A Word of Advice

From our time working on chiropractic website design, we’ve learned one valuable lesson about creating sites — make every inch of the page and word count. In terms of content, whatever you write needs to adequately summarize what your chiropractic office offers and your philosophy. Remember, you only have one chance to make a good impression on your profile. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to hire professionals for the job. 

As you’re starting on your marketing journey — or restarting depending on your situation — let us help. We’re a chiropractic marketing agency with solutions to fit the needs of any practice, whether you’re a private one with only yourself or a multi-practitioner establishment offering a range of modalities. We can create the perfect marketing plan for your needs and desires!

Contact us today to discuss which options for advertising for chiropractors you’d most benefit from. We’re available by calling 678-562-7893 or using our form.