So you have someone writing chiropractic blogs for you currently or you’re writing them yourself. Perhaps you’re even using our chiropractic marketing agency’s blogging services. While organic SEO draws in some readers, you can enhance the number of readers you have in a number of ways. We’d like to make a moment to discuss some of them. And keep in mind that some of these services we can assist with.

1. Share on Social Media

Social media is always buzzing with the latest news. People share products and services they enjoyed and blogs they found useful or could relate to, and the word quickly spreads. It’s even possible for a blog or other post to go viral, which is when it reaches a much larger crowd. 

Ultimately, sharing a blog on social media is an excellent way to lure more people to your site and get them to interact with your practice. This is especially the case if you’re publishing pieces that can help people better manage their condition at home — a common online search. 

At Brand Chiro, we offer social media management and can create exciting posts to encourage individuals to read your blog, among a variety of other posts to attract new patients and keep existing or former ones involved. 

Besides sharing them on your practice’s page, you could also benefit from sharing them on your personal social media page. 

2. Cater to Your Target Audience 

Let’s say most of your patients are in their 40s and 50s and have back pain and other similar problems. You’d then want to write blogs for that audience. This may include blogs about sciatica, exercises they can do at home, etc. Perhaps the reason your blog isn’t getting read has nothing to do with it not reaching enough people. It could be a problem if your blogs are not targeting your ideal audience. Even if you have a regular blog and people are visiting it regularly, you might not be seeing an increase in your patient load from it because it’s not focused on the right people. 

Ultimately, if you’re struggling to find angles, think of creative titles to write, etc., consider hiring us for blog writing. Our team knows how to write with your target audience in mind, and in return, can help your blog get more viewers and reach people who are most likely to want your services. 

3. Answer Quora Questions 

On a regular basis, go to Quora and look for people asking questions about chiropractic, back pain, and other topics that relate to your practice. Then, respond to the question with an answer that’s useful to readers along with a link to your blog post. 

Make sure you’re posting content that’s actually applicable to the topic. You may add a link to a blog here and there, but be cautious as to not do it too frequently, or you could find yourself being flagged as a spammer. Do include a link to your website/blog in your profile, though. 

Keep in mind that this is a job you could outsource if you don’t have any spare time to complete it yourself. 

4. Start Guest Blogging  

Guest blogging consists of publishing pieces to a blog or site that’s in your niche. You then provide the host with some pitch ideas, and they choose which ones they would like. You may then add backlinks to your site in the post. This is an old technique but still a goodie. 

This can be a time-consuming task and may be one to hire a professional to complete for you, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. 

At Brand Chiro, we’re a chiropractic marketing company that offers blogging, social media management, website design, and more. If you’d like to start a blog or would like to increase your viewers, contact us today at 678-562-7893. You may also schedule via our contact form.