With New Year’s Day approaching, reflection commonly happening during this time, and tax season looming right around the corner, the end of every year can be a complicated time for chiropractors. You have so much to think about and consider. 

At Brand Chiro, we’d like to help you create a checklist and get everything you need to complete finished. And not only did we create a chiropractic blog to help you remember, but we also offer services to assist! 

Do All Payroll and Accounting Housekeeping Early

The first and possibly most important part of wrapping up the year is getting all your finances in order. This will make it much easier when you need to send out W2s and W9s by the end of next month. By getting everything together now, you can ensure you remain legally compliant and can be ready to make a fresh start next year. 

Another reason this is such a vital task is that it gives you an opportunity to look at your finances under a microscope. You can see every detail, compare, contrast, and pinpoint any source of problems, such as wasteful spending. It’s a chance for you to make changes to improve your financial future in the upcoming year as well as in general. This seemingly unimportant task helps you continue to provide, or improve, patient satisfaction. 

Make End-of-the-Year Reviews a Priority 

If this is your first year with your own chiropractic practice, you may not know the significance of end-of-the-year reviews. And even if you’ve done them before, they may seem like more of a bother than anything else. However, this is essential to the happiness of your employees and to help them grow and improve. Therefore, rather than just checking a few boxes on each one and telling them they did a satisfactory job, take the time on them that your employees deserve. Provide feedback so they know you appreciate them and are helping them to become the best they can be. 

Assess Your Marketing Strategy

This is a little-thought-about end-of-the-year responsibility for chiropractors. However, it’s an excellent time to do it. You can take a look at every aspect of your marketing plan. Evaluate your performance over the past year, whether it’s monitoring sales and your patient load, checking out your online analytics, or a combination of both.

Take a look at your chiropractic website design if you don’t seem to be getting the same number of new patients you were. Perhaps, it’s an issue with your chiropractic SEO causing you to not rank as highly. Or maybe, those chiropractic blogs or chiropractic social media posts you’ve been publishing just aren’t appealing to your target audience. 

Through a comprehensive analysis, you can make plans for a better next year. 

 Vow to Make Changes for Next Year 

The evaluation of your practice, especially if you do it without taking the results to heart, helps you perfect your practice, making it a better place for patients and ultimately a more profitable venture for you. 

No matter what you’re noticing is the problem or if you don’t know what could be the culprit, vow to yourself to make changes for the new year. And it’s not too early to get the ball rolling and talk to us about a better marketing strategy for you, whether you’re already a client of ours but your target audience shifted or you need additional services, or you’ve been with another chiropractic marketing agency that isn’t giving you the results you desire. 

At Brand Chiro, we stress the importance of December. It’s the last month of the year, and it can be the start of a new beginning. However, if you’ve had issues with your chiropractic website design, chiropractic SEO, chiropractic blogs, or chiropractic social media pages, it can be a continuation of problems if you haven’t open-mindedly evaluated your strategy and planned a course of action to grow and improve. 

We’re here to help you better your practice for the new year. Contact us today to get started by calling 678-562-7893 or using our online form.