Think about who your competition is… it’s not the thousands of other chiropractors who advertise online; it’s those within your local area. While you might only have a handful of chiropractors to compete against, you still have to try to outrank them on the search results. And you still need to appeal to viewers. Fortunately, with these digital marketing tips, we can help you gain the recognition you desire from potential patients as you create a plan of attack that entails targeting your local audience. 

Start Developing Referral Relationships With Local Practitioners 

It’s helpful to build relationships with local medical professionals who’ll share your name and contact information with their patients whenever your services could possibly benefit them. For this process, start getting to know the local professionals in the area. Ask them about their feelings toward chiropractic care, since not every doctor feels as though this area of medicine is practical. 

Perhaps you could demonstrate or explain your branch of medicine a bit further to help the professional see the importance of chiropractic care. Once you win the practitioner over, ask him or her to come on your podcast. Create an interview video with the doctor and post it on your website. You could also feature quotes from that doctor in a blog on your site. 

As you start to build a relationship between the two of you in the public eye, ask the doctor if he or she would mind referring patients to you for back problems or whatever else you specialize in helping with, and in return, you’ll do the same for that practitioner. 

Besides just targeting local doctors, it might also help to partner with other local businesses that can place your advertisements in their storefronts. 

Use Geo-targeting in All Content 

Geo-targeting is the only way to get content to rank against other local chiropractors. If not, your competition is every other chiropractor out there, and this isn’t practical when you consider that all these practitioners aren’t going after the same patients. Therefore, you need to direct your efforts toward just your local area, and you do this through geotargeting.

Ultimately, this is just a word that refers to adding the location into the text in a meaningful way. Rather than just adding the location over and over again throughout the content without it serving a purpose, you weave the location into the text so it has meaning. For instance, you may say something like, “Our Wilmington, NC, chiropractor is ready and waiting to help you heal from that back pain.” Sometimes, it’s even beneficial to create local pages for the surrounding regions you serve. Rather than just repeatedly saying you’re a chiropractor serving your local area, including some fun facts or landmarks to truly make it more local. 

Have High-Quality Content 

You won’t make it on the search engine results at all if you don’t have high-quality content. That means you could be missing a prime opportunity to advertise to those who are most likely to utilize your services. Therefore, if you want a local business, create high-quality content for all pages of your site as well as your blog. It’ll increase your rank and get you noticed by your local audience. 

When it comes to superior content, SEO matters as briefly noted, and you want to use area-specific keywords. However, make sure you’re sprinkling a hint of chiropractic SEO here and there rather than saturating the content. Think of keywords as seasoning in a recipe. You pepper the piece rather than applying a thick slather. This concept applies to your keywords as well. 

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