Do you see flocks of people in and out of the chiropractic office a few blocks away? It seems like at any given time they have patients and oodles of them, right? While it’s great that someone is experiencing success, you may wonder why it’s not you. And it may spark curiosity and a bit of self-doubting, making you wonder if that practitioner is really that skilled, more so than yourself. 

Fortunately, it may not be how skilled the practitioner is that’s drawing in people by the dozens. Instead, it might be their marketing that’s putting them ahead. Let our chiropractic marketing agency shed some light on some techniques for marketing for chiropractors that your competition may be utilizing that are positioning them in front of the competition. We’ll also note one reason that isn’t marketing related but is helpful to know. 

1. They Use Digital Marketing 

Take a look at your digital marketing plan for a moment. Evaluate every element of it. Are you predominantly passing out business cards, airing commercials, and relying on word-of-mouth advertising? If you are, you might be missing the mark and a majority of patients. 

In today’s world, traditional marketing efforts will work to a degree, but they won’t draw in the “big” business. You know, the abundance of patients you desire. They’re highly outdated, and digital marketing is where it’s at, including having an easily navigable, visually appealing website. 

Therefore, if you’re noticing the competition is dominating, don’t automatically chalk it up to their skill. Instead, get yourself a website with content that’s relevant and search engine optimized. If this isn’t an area of expertise for you, our chiropractic digital marketing agency can help. We have web designers, copywriters, and other experts who can create a website that’ll rank highly and lure in prospective patients. We also create chiropractic videos, among various other digital marketing services.

2. They’re Active on Social Media 

While this falls in the category of digital marketing, it’s worth mentioning on its own. Over four billion people are active on social media each day, and this doesn’t include the number of users who occasionally use it or only get on a few times per week. Even just on Facebook, over 1.5 billion people are using it daily. As a result, any chiropractor who’s active on social media will automatically have a chance to obtain a greater patient load.

Fortunately, if you don’t have a social media page already, we can assist. We’ll create your pages and keep them updated, allowing prospective patients to gain recognition of you and your practice and engage with you. 

3. They’ve Earned Good Reviews and Are Getting Referrals 

Although your online presence and digital marketing efforts play a major role in getting patients, they’re not the only aspect that matters when it comes to snagging patients. You need to live up to the patients’ expectations. That means you not only provide outstanding service, but you fulfill all the promises you make on your website and through other areas of your marketing. 

People not only are looking online to find a practitioner, but they’re also looking at what other people are saying about practices. For this reason, if you aren’t providing positive-review-worthy service, you might not be outshining your competition. The same applies if you aren’t supplying a service that’s even worth mentioning. Subpar service also won’t get you referrals and positive reviews. So, you need to find a way to make what you offer impressive to patients, including your decompression therapy-side manner and the dispositions of your staff members. 

At Brand Chiro, we’re a chiropractic digital marketing agency helping practitioners in this specialty enhance their patient loads through digital marketing efforts. While we can expand your audience and lure in patients, the rest is up to you and the service you provide. 

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