The holidays are a hectic time for people. They don’t always make their health a priority during these times because they’re too preoccupied with completing their shopping, baking, cleaning, and other holiday prep tasks. This can sometimes leave chiropractors a bit short on patients around the holidays. At Brand Chiro, our chiropractic marketing agency can help you get more patients, even over the holidays. Here are a few tips to assist. 

Get Some Seasonal Blogs Out There

We’re obviously guilty of using this technique right now, as we help current and prospective clients learn how to improve their business over the holidays. However, this technique doesn’t just work for a chiropractic marketing agency; it can work for chiropractic practices, too. 

With this technique, you may want to state all the benefits of chiropractic care throughout the holidays. And what’s nice about this form of advertising, you don’t have to complete a total rebranding since you only need to promote your business with the holidays in mind for a short period. You can, instead, pump out a few chiropractic blogs stating the benefits of chiropractic care over the holidays or explaining why this is such a beneficial time to seek out your services. 

Fortunately, if blogging isn’t your forte, you may hire our company to create holiday blogs for you. And we can continue to produce content long after the holidays are over to enhance your marketing. 

Send Out Informational Fliers Over the Holidays to Current Patients

Some of your regular patients may not know how chiropractic care can benefit them beyond their standard health issues. They may not understand that the techniques you offer can extend beyond their normal aches and pains or help with healing after an injury. This is when you can provide them with the education they need to see chiropractic care as a solution to reducing the toll the holiday stress takes on a person. 

Have a Holiday Promotion 

Over the holidays, people may be spending a great deal of money on gifts, food, etc. They may have a little leftover for chiropractic treatment. However, if they feel they’re getting a deal and it’s within their budget, they’ll be more inclined to reach out to you for an appointment at this time.  

Therefore, think carefully about how much you can afford to discount your patients per visit or some type of deal they can get when they have a certain number of appointments with you over the holiday season. Perhaps, their fourth visit could be free. 

Start Your Rewards Program

If you haven’t started a rewards program yet, what better time than now? People will then start coming to your office over the holiday season to begin getting closer to earning their rewards. You then receive the benefit of patients when you need them. And then, once you’re back to a normal routine in January, you’ll have them as part of your patient load. Fortunately, this technique is beneficial for the long-term success of your practice. 

With a rewards program, you may want to offer them a free massage or visit after every five or 10 visits, for example. 

Offer a Sample Treatment 

Did you ever stroll through the mall and see everyone around the perfume counters getting free samples? You can apply this same concept to your business. Let’s say you’re an acupuncturist or have one on staff. Try offering a free visit for this service to all patients, even your current ones. Not only are you getting people through your doors, but you may also introduce them to a treatment they’ve never used with you before. This may entice them to come back for more. 

Brand Chiro isn’t just your ordinary chiropractic marketing agency; we’re a team of experts helping chiropractors increase their patient loads even during the less busy seasons. We offer a variety of services to help you this holiday and even long after, including chiropractic blogging, chiropractic social media, and more. 

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