While we hate to say it since we’re a digital marketing agency, there are other ways to get more business than the internet, though we recommend using a variety of channels and having a strong online presence in addition to other methods. For instance, besides your chiropractic blogs, you may want to also focus on getting referrals. But if you currently aren’t getting many, you may wonder how you can amp up your referral game. Let our chiropractic marketing agency explain some tips. 

Give Out Cards

Use postcards or another similar medium to create physical ways to advertise your referral program. Then, if a patient walks through your door, provide them with one or two to pass out to their friends. This can lead to a steady stream of new patients without having to exert much effort or money. 

Provide Discounts for Referrals

Reward your current patients while getting new patients when you supply them with discounts for referring patients. You may give them a free adjustment or massage for referring a patient. Some practitioners provide patients with a monetary incentive to refer patients. Your current patients may be more willing to recommend you to others if they have some sort of incentive that makes them want to go out of their way to tell someone about you and your practice. 

You can run this as a continuous special or have times of the year when you offer this discount program. It depends on your patient load. If you can handle the extra patients at any time, then have it a year-round program. If you have lulls in your practice during certain times of the year, then start running a program before them. This can also be a program you run once to increase your patient load and then use as needed. It’s a versatile marketing technique. 

If you desire, we can help you provide information to your patients online about referral programs. We can create a web page or other digital material to advertise your referral program. 

Provide Outstanding Service Every Time 

You can utilize our chiropractic social media or other services to enhance your business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll keep getting patients. You have to do your part to create an environment that patients feel comfortable in while providing them with quality services. You must have a staff who are friendly and accommodating. When you give patients the ultimate experience, they’ll be more likely to want to tell others about your services. If you don’t live up to their expectations, no matter what incentives you provide, you absolutely won’t get the referrals you want.    

Have a Referral Exchange Program 

Think of businesses in the area that offer similar products or services to your business. Meet with these individuals to see if they’d be interested in referring your business to their customers. Perhaps you could have some fliers made up that the company hands out. 

Keep in mind that this might not be just an I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine deal. Some companies are stable enough without referrals. In this case, they may want some type of financial benefit for referring people to you. 

Listen to Feedback

You might barely be scraping by when it comes to meeting your clients’ expectations. And providing referral-worthy service means going above and beyond. One way to start living up to the expectations is to hear what the patients have to say and alter your practice to meet their needs and desires. You might want to have chiropractic social media pages where you can see feedback, respond, and implement a plan to better cater to patients. 

Chiropractic blogs and social media, web design, and more work to get you new patients, but referrals are a way you can get more without spending a fortune or a great deal of time. These are some of the biggest tips we at Brand Chiro have to help. 

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