The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention concluded that there were 72,822,113 people under the age of 18. It’s safe to say that a chunk of that group is in their teens. And while it’s an even smaller group in your general vicinity, it’s safe to say there’s a decent amount. While you might be looking at this group as uninterested in chiropractic care and not your target audience, there are some reasons you might be underestimating this group’s need for chiropractic care.

They Have Pain 

Despite popular belief, teenagers and young people aren’t exempt from pain. While adults might typically, as a whole, have more pain, this age bracket is prone to issues from being on electronic devices, specifically, text neck. It happens from a teen stretching his or her neck in an unnatural position, looking down. This position stretches the teen’s soft tissue. 

It doesn’t help that anxiety is higher than ever in teens, as you consider everything they have to contend with. In addition to the normal ups and downs of teenage years, such as hormone changes and schoolwork, the Internet has taken bullying to a whole nother level. Surprisingly enough, back pain has a direct connection with back pain and teens, well people in general. 

Besides looking down at their phones, teens often have a heavy load to carry on their backs. While backpacks are made to support the weight evenly, teenagers aren’t always wearing them properly. And even if they do use two straps, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re adjusting the bag properly. 

Think back to your teenage years. You were probably on the go constantly, whether you played sports for school or on a community team. Perhaps, you jogged or played tennis with friends. And if you lived near a skating rink, chances are you spent your Friday nights there. While this nostalgia might bring back memories, it was actually intended to help you put yourself in these teens’ shoes. They’re busy and at risk of a repetitive stress injury or personal injury in general.

Between studying and friends, it’s not uncommon for a teen to stay up until the wee hours and wake up early the next day for school. Ultimately, this can lead to them not getting enough sleep to support their growing bodies. The lack of ZZZs can contribute to pain, as you very well know. 

Get Them Into Good Habits Early 

You know very well that poor posture, sleep habits, and lifestyle play a great role in pain. Therefore, it only makes sense that a teenager is at risk. However, when you advertise for teens, you can encourage them to talk with their parents about seeing a chiropractor. Or, advertising for chiropractors that you gear toward teens may appeal to their parents who’ll ask their sons or daughters how they’d feel about seeing a chiropractor. 

Once you have them as patients, you can help them develop good habits young. And not only can you improve their lives, but you’ll also have the potential to rope them and make them see the importance of chiropractic care, possibly creating a life-long chiropractic patient. 

How Brand Chiro Helps 

We can revamp your chiropractic website design to be more modern. As a result, it’ll no longer just appeal to adults. But, it’ll still have a professional look, so you won’t alienate the rest of your market. 

We can also add some chiropractic video marketing to your current plan. Most teens like YouTube. They like the convenience of not having to read and just being able to sit back and watch a video. This is when we can create videos geared toward this age group. 

We can’t forget that you need to let people know you help teens. We can then create a page dedicated to teen chiropractic care along with blogs with this specific age bracket in mind. 

If you’re ready to market to teens, let our chiropractic website design company assist. Besides being able to create blogs and web pages with a teenage audience in mind, we can also create chiropractic video marketing to further grow your patient load. 

Looking for advertising for chiropractors and want to include a teen audience? Contact Brand Chiro today at 678-562-7893, or use our online form