When you first started your chiropractic practice, you may have had the bare minimum of education to qualify you to offer chiropractic services — a standard doctorate in chiropractic. While this was enough at the time and helped you get your feet off the ground, it’s possible at this stage to do more and help a demographic in need of chiropractic care. This is even something to consider if you’re ready to complete your degree or recently completed it because you can complete this additional training now. 

At Brand Chiro, we’re a chiropractic marketing agency, and our staff sees just what works when it comes to the products and services that chiropractors offer. And we have a bit of insight into prenatal chiropractic care from seeing how this service has enhanced other clients’ practices. 

Large Group 

Interestingly enough, about four percent of women are pregnant at any given time throughout the year in the U.S. This is equivalent to about 6.3 million pregnant women at any time. This is a large market to be missing out on. 

While you may only have a small percentage of this group in your area, it’s still a group. Keep in mind that it’s a group that’ll always be around. There are always new pregnant women, considering each generation grows up and will reach reproductive age, and this isn’t taking into account that many women are choosing to get pregnant later in life

Limited on Pain Relief Choices

Pregnant women have few options for pain relief during pregnancy. Unfortunately, normal daily pains aren’t going to take a break for nine months, and pregnancy can bring about its share of aches and pains. 

While acetaminophen was once the gold standard, many women are wanting to avoid taking anything during pregnancy if at all possible. It doesn’t help that too hot of a bath is a no-no, and a pregnant woman can’t get into a hot tub. These are two natural methods for pain relief that just aren’t allowed. 

By offering pregnancy chiropractic care, you’re fulfilling a need of pregnant women — providing a solution for pain relief that’s safe and effective. 

As a chiropractic marketing agency, we can’t stress to you enough that fulfilling a need or desire of a targeted group is profitable. 

Wonderful for Word-of-Mouth Advertising 

We’re known for creating chiropractic social media posts and blogs along with chiropractic website design, so we see the importance of digital marketing in today’s world. However, word-of-mouth advertising isn’t dead. It’s alive and well, and you can profit from it when you offer care to pregnant women. 

Let’s say a woman is dealing with pregnancy-related symptoms that are impacting her happiness while pregnant, and you help her relieve it. Anytime she has friends or family in the same predicament, she’ll recommend chiropractic care and possibly you specifically. 

Help Pregnant Women Have a Healthier, Happier Pregnancy

Besides the possibility of increasing your income by adding to your patient load, you’re also doing something wonderful for pregnant women — helping them have a healthier, happier pregnancy. It’s something to feel good about when you watch an expecting mother comes into your office in pain and leave pain-free. You’re helping her unborn baby as well since the little one does best in a non-stressful environment. 

As a chiropractic marketing agency specializing in chiropractic web design, blogs, social media posts, and more, we see which chiropractors have the best results in their practices. We see just how much prenatal chiropractic care is in need, and we encourage more chiropractors to see how it could benefit them. 

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