While our chiropractic marketing company, Brand Chiro, may help you attract patients to your website and intrigue them to your office, it’s your responsibility to keep them satisfied, though we wish our chiropractic marketing agency could assist in this as well. Although there isn’t a rubric to guide you in establishing a strong practitioner-patient relationship, these tips may help. 


Speak in Plainspeak 

When you’re speaking with your colleagues, talking in medical jargon may come naturally. Your patients realize you have intelligence and the medical background to prove it, so speaking in complicated terms that aren’t understandable to the general public isn’t necessary and just doesn’t work. Therefore, condense and rephrase information that’s complicated. Not only will your patients feel more confident when they understand what you’re saying, but they’ll also find you more relatable. This is when they can better bond and form a relationship with you. 


Give Them Undivided Time 

Yes, you’re busy, and it can be difficult to manage a large patient load. This may lead to you having times when you’re trying to balance and schedule every precious moment, possibly with a patient on the exam table, a partner in your office, or a company representative on the phone. Perhaps you overbooked yourself and needed to hurry up the appointment to address the needs of the next one. 

Speeding up the appointment or having too much to focus on besides the patient can cause this individual to feel unimportant and like they’re wasting your time. Therefore, no matter how minuscule their problem is, take time to make them feel as if no one else matters whenever they’re in the room. They’re paying patients and deserve your time without making them feel rushed. And this is their health we’re talking about, so it’s crucial. 


Answer Questions 

If a patient is nervous around you, they may forget to ask questions or not want to disturb you. This leads to a patient who goes home feeling like their needs weren’t met at the appointment. They may not understand your course of action and may go home feeling as if they didn’t receive treatment for their problem. 

It’s beneficial to ask a patient if they have any questions. If you see a trend of frequently asked questions about a particular diagnosis or treatment, take a moment to talk about it when you speak with each patient who’s in the same boat. You’ll give the patient all the information they need to help them decide if it’s the right treatment for them. They’ll feel more confident in your services. And they’ll feel like you genuinely understand what patients want when they see a practitioner. 


Show Some Empathy 

Patients come to you in pain or when they have a strong desire to improve their overall health and well-being. They may be desperate, and this is the last resort. Or, they may desire a natural treatment rather than anything pharmaceutical. It doesn’t matter why they’re there; One thing remains the same with any patient who walks through your door — they want your help. They’re not there by referral. These people genuinely sought out your treatment on their own.

Therefore, show them that you genuinely care for them. Try to connect with them, and let them know you understand how they feel and that you’re there to help. 

This helps you build a strong relationship with your patients and assists in establishing a strong foundation, hopefully for many visits to come. 


At Brand Chiro, we can’t help you once your patients start rolling in, though we do have some tips. What our chiropractic marketing agency can do for you is get patients through the door. Through our chiropractic marketing plan, we can establish what your patients should expect before they want through the door. After that, it’s your time to shine as a practitioner. 

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