With all the medical records and everything else you need to store in your office, it can become a mess easily, especially if you don’t have the right help. While we may not run our own practice, we regularly work with clients in this scope of practice and see just how busy they are and feel like a few tips could help them stay on top of their practice. In the end, it could even be a prosperous move. 


Hire an Office Manager/Receptionist 

Before you stress too much, hire an office manager or receptionist to handle the clerical end of your practice. If your practice is large enough, you may even want to hire two people to handle this, and have one focus on scheduling and another focus on other clerical aspects of the business. And don’t forget to hire a billing expert or find a person for one of the aforementioned positions who can also handle billing. 

As you choose them, carefully compare your options based on experience, disposition, and education. Once you hire someone, monitor them carefully over the course of the first month. Although they might be a bit nervous, assess their performance to determine if he or she could ever become valuable members of your team that does keep the place running, both effectively and orderly. 


Create Notes 

At the beginning of every day, week, and month, you should create separate to-do lists. It should not only include your tasks as a chiropractor but those of your staff as well. That way, you can keep up with every aspect of your practice. 

It’s difficult to manage every aspect of your practice and keep every ball in the air. Therefore, anything you can do to keep track of everything, especially something as simple as writing the information down, can help immensely. 


Hire Professionals 

Don’t waste time trying to handle every task that needs to be done at your practice. This can take you away from what you do best – taking care of patients and possibly managing the practice. Instead, hire professionals to complete the following: chiropractic SEO, chiropractic website design, and chiropractic logos. You’ll have a professional-looking finished product that didn’t take you any time or frustration, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your practice. 


Go Through Paperwork Regularly 

Check your desk at least once weekly for any paper clutter that you could get rid of to free up space. Go through your patient records, any paper ones that is, to weed out any files you no longer need to keep. Therefore, if you have a patient that only visited six times, six years ago, it’s time to toss that file. You only need to hang on to it for five years. 


Go Digital as Much as Possible 

Paper takes up storage space. You need manilla folders to store them, and each patient gets their own. This can quickly add up, especially if you juggle 100 or 200 patients at a time. With the world going digital quite quickly, you can stay up to date with the rest of the world by digitizing as much of your practice as possible. You can then keep it looking more organized, and be able to find what you need quickly. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Furniture With Storage Space 

Whether it’s a bookshelf, filing cabinet, or desk, find storage with drawers. You can hide the mess from plain sight while also using it as a method to stay organized. 


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