At Brand Chiro, we’re a chiropractic marketing agency that’s helping chiropractors establish their brand and grow their patient base. We understand the latest and most effective chiropractic SEO and how to utilize elements of chiropractic website design that are appealing to prospective patients. But beyond that, we’re also experts in chiropractic marketing in general and have some tips.


Have a Business Card With Your Web Address 

While a phone number gives the potential client a way to contact you, they might not have any questions or a need to contact you directly. At the end of the day, your number may be meaningless to them. Or the little bit of information they receive from you when they call may mean nothing. It’s hard to judge a chiropractic office based on a short conversation. 

However, if you have a website that shows pictures of you and your staff, explains what your practice offers, and gives a detailed overview of your experience, you’ll entice readers to want to stay on your page. Plus, once you draw them in, you’ll hook them when you have meaningful content and pictures so they can get an idea of who you are. 


Focus on Mobile-Friendliness for a Website

First and foremost, when compared to other countries throughout the world, the United States has the highest number of tablet sales. Moreover, ninety-one percent of consumers use their cellular devices to access the Internet on a daily basis. You probably didn’t need statistics to know that cell phones are a popular way to get on the Internet, as you see people of all ages walking with their heads in their devices. 

For this reason, you should focus your efforts on making a mobile-friendly page. You’ll then reach the people who want to search the website for your practice while they’re on their lunch break at work or while their child is napping in the stroller. These people don’t have time to wait until they get home, load a computer, and then search for your practice. They want to do it on a schedule that works for them. 


Invest in Your Company for a Future of Growth 

Think of what a plant or animal needs to grow – food and water. A practice needs one vital element to grow and thrive as well, which is a strong marketing plan. Typically, any efforts you make on your own to grow your practice aren’t enough. It takes the skillfulness of chiropractic website design company and chiropractic SEO experts to develop a plan, and this takes investing in yourself. 


Don’t Neglect Traditional Marketing Practices 

Our chiropractic marketing agency believes that digital is the future, thus is why we’ve invested in digital marketing and offer it to our clients. However, don’t forget about traditional marketing practices, such as creating fliers and passing them out at events. 


While we’re living in a digital world, your company relies on local patients, and you can target them using traditional marketing practices. 


Learning to market effectively isn’t easy. Just ask any member of our chiropractic marketing agency, but with some tips, you’ll learn. We like to educate our clients on the best practices and also offer our services to help. 


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