Sometimes, people have preconceived notions of what works and doesn’t work before they walk into a chiropractic marketing agency. They think they know exactly what puts their chiropractic practice ahead of the rest. They think the basics of chiropractic digital marketing still work and are tried and true. However, this isn’t the case. What worked years ago is no longer effective, and it takes a great deal more to stay relevant nowadays. At Brand Chiro, we’d like to educate you about some of the misconceptions that could be hurting your practice. We’d also like to extend our chiropractic marketing services. 

Social Media Is for Teenagers and People Connecting With Family. 

This is absolutely a myth. Social media may have begun as a method to keep in touch with friends and family and even meet new friends, but it’s no longer that way. It’s also become a marketing medium, and if you’re not on there, you could be missing a prime opportunity to lure in business. 

In fact, at Brand Chiro, we’re confident that social media is a marketing technique that’s now and the future. And that’s why we assist our clients by offering social media management services. 

Having a Website Is All You Need to Market Your Practice Online.  

Far too often, people take matters into their own hands and create a website. They may not be familiar with how to get their website ranking high and don’t see a problem with that. And they may feel as though once that site is up, there’s nothing left to do. 

This isn’t the case at all. A site may go down. The site could crash randomly. Regularly, you need to perform tests to ensure the site is functioning properly. When you create pages, they need to incorporate SEO, so they rank highly on the search engines. Often, the pages need to be updated because as times change, the keywords that got your page to the top may no longer work. 

Once Someone Is a Friend of Your Business, They’ll Use Your Services. 

Just because you made a connection with some people on Facebook doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to visit your office and they’re interested in your services. This is merely the first step. Once you have them on your page, you need to provide sales info, helpful content, etc. to lure them in and convince them they need your services. Befriending them is merely breaking the ice. Now, you have to continuously make a connection and show these individuals the value of your services. 

Only Focusing on Search Engine Rank Is Fine and Can Lead to Success. 

Sometimes, people believe if they get their webpage to the top, they made it. There’s nothing else they need to do to market because the patients will just start rolling in at this point. While ranking is important, you also need to focus on social media and blogging. These draw in even more people, especially those who aren’t searching for a local chiropractor on the search engine. 

You Can Handle All Aspects of Your Marketing Despite Having No Experience.

Chiropractors starting a practice often think they’re saving money by handling every aspect themselves. And you may be a fantastic chiropractor with a superb bedside manner, but that doesn’t mean those skills will translate well into print when you’re creating a web page. Chiropractic digital marketing specialists, however, understand your target market and can help your site rise to the top. 

Brand Chiro realizes starting and maintaining a practice isn’t easy. There’s plenty of unhelpful information on the web, and sometimes, it’s merely people thinking they know what’s best in marketing. However, our chiropractic marketing agency knows the truth and can help your practice succeed through this knowledge. 

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