How to integrate the Assistant into your practice.

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We realize that integrating new systems and procedures into practice can be a challenge. We want to show you the most effective way to utilize our Patient Onboarding System in your practice.

STEP 1:  Ensure that your staff knows how the system works.

  1. Start by logging them in to your website using the information you were provided.
  2. Show them the Appointment section, and walk them through the “Appointments” portion.
  3. Clicking the Blue “+” sign will allow them to create manual appointments as well. This is most useful when a new patient calls your practice, or walks-in.  We realize that some patients may not want to go through the system, so it’s ok for your staff to do this manually, it all works similarly. 
  4. Next, log in to your account to ensure that everyone knows that the actual payments run through this system. If you need to perform a refund for services, this is where you will do so.  A refund is most likely the only reason you need to access your Stripe account.  You can find other help on Stripe at the link below.
  5. Lastly, ensure that everyone takes a look at the Online Patient Forms found on your main menu.  Your patients are directed to a Thank You page where we have links to those forms as well. You can preview that page at


STEP 2:  Understand your Patient Intake Forms

By now you should have filled out your Intake forms as a test. Walkthrough those with your staff to ensure proper procedures are taken with storing them. You may want to print them out as you download them, or file the PDF into your EHR system.


Please keep in mind that you should be aware of all HIPAA regulations.

Printed Patient Forms should be kept in a locked area with limited access.

Downloaded PDFs should be stored in encrypted folders or drive space on your computer.

STEP 3:  Create a Shared Calendar

This step is NOT necessary to use the system, but can be helpful. We realize that your practice may have other scheduling needs aside from patient assessments, so we suggest a shared Google Calendar.  These calendars can be useful for staff meetings, community events or networking meetings.  


In this case, we suggest a calendar for your evaluation appointments specifically in our Onboarding Assistant.

Your Onboarding Assistant can link to Google Calendar and automatically block out any times that your practice isn’t open or available for new assessments. 

  • You can use the link below to help understand Google shared Calendars more effectively. We recommend creating a specific “Assessments (or Evaluations) Calendar.”
  • Once you’ve created your calendar, log in to your website, and navigate to the “Settings” section. You will then be able to click “Google Calendar” and log in with your main Google account. You should see the calendar that you created, and select it.



Your Onboarding Assistant will automatically block off time slots if someone has booked an appointment using the system. This allows you to not worry about new appointments being booked when you’re not available.

However, we know that there may be times where you may need to do events, or have a busy morning and can’t provide assessments. Syncing to a Google Calendar will allow you to block off any times within a google calendar which will turn off any possible time slots on your website’s appointment scheduler.


HOW-TO use Account:

HOW-TO Create a Google Calendar:

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