So you want to build a career as a full-stack developer. Maybe you’ve researched online and found that full-stack devs make a lot of money working for companies and agencies. But you don’t know what programming languages to master.

This article is for you. We will introduce who a full-stack developer is and the languages you must learn. After reading this, enroll in a top web development bootcamp like LearningFuze to get started. Let’s go.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a web developer that works with both the frontend and backend of a website. 

The frontend of a website deals with the part of a web page that the user sees and interacts with, and how info is displayed on the webpage. The backend has to do with the server and how information is sent and received.

A full-stack developer can build a full and functional website.

Coding Languages You Must Master to Become a Full-Stack Developer

Front-End Languages


HyperText Markup Language is the first language any web developer should learn. It provides the basic structure of a web page – headlines, paragraphs, images, hyperlinks, and line breaks. You can break a web page into sections and lists using HTML. It is very easy to learn.


CSS is the basis of all web design. You use the language to designate headline color, web page backgrounds, and how elements should be arranged on a web page. CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. Knowledge of the language goes from beginner to advanced.


JS stands for JavaScript. Though it’s a relatively new language, it has become widespread. It dictates how web elements accept and process information.

JavaScript adds functionality and behavior to a web page. For instance, searching online or filling out a form. JS is used on both the frontend and backend of websites.

Back-End Languages


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is for creating and managing relational web databases. SQL accepts, manipulates, and deletes website data. It’s essentially for storing and processing data.


Python is a versatile programming language used for many purposes, including data analysis and web development. In web dev, Python is used as one of the numerous frameworks like Django and web2py.


Becoming a full-stack web developer takes focus and hard work. Start by learning the front-end languages before going to the backend languages. In fact, you can land a job as a Front-End Dev even as a student.

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