When you have a poor marketing plan implemented, you won’t draw new clients to your practice. You waste the money you invested and receive nothing in return but maintaining your current patient load. Sometimes, even your current patients will stray away if you don’t keep them engaged. Moreover, with ineffective marketing practices, you’ll never see the revenue you anticipated. 

Brand Chiro would like to educate you on what chiropractic marketing strategies could be harming your practice. 

No Calls to Action 

Sometimes, blogs and other content are merely for educational purposes. This content is to keep prospective and current patients coming to your site, which ultimately gives you exposure. 

While this material serves its purpose, you’re not closing the deal with it. Ideally, you need to add calls to action throughout your website to encourage people to book appointments. Fortunately, this is one task a chiropractic marketing agency can complete for you. 


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a practice that uses keywords, meta descriptions, and various other techniques to enhance your rank. By elevating search rank, you gain more exposure. 

When you don’t use SEO to your advantage, you won’t rank as high and will ultimately miss out on opportunities to reach more potential patients. Additionally, you want to specifically use chiropractic SEO terms.  

Not Monitoring Progress Regularly 

Just because you have a marketing plan in place doesn’t mean it’s effective. And it doesn’t mean your work is over. You need to evaluate how your site and other marketing efforts are performing, and you need to conduct this assessment regularly. 

If you’re not monitoring, it’s easy for your audience to change and your efforts to start missing the mark. Without routinely analyzing your progress, you could steer off course and not know. 

Hiring the Wrong Agency 

Every chiropractic marketing agency claims to be the best and promises to get you business. They each state they know all the secrets of the trade, and your business is guaranteed to thrive with them in charge of your marketing efforts. 

However, they often fall short. That’s why you need to search carefully and compare your options. Use online reviews and thoroughly get an understanding of the agency. It also helps to check the Better Business Bureau’s site. 

Not Knowing What Your Competition Is Up To 

Essentially, other chiropractors could be harming the success of your practice. Therefore, if your marketing efforts don’t consider the competition, you could fall short of your goals. 

That’s why you should understand what your competition offers, what’s drawing patients to their sites and practices, and how you can stand out in a sea of other local chiropractors. 

Not Reading Your Reviews 

How often do you go online and review what patients say about your business? Although you don’t invest any money into the reviews, these individuals are providing you with information to help you better your practice for free. You’re genuinely losing out if you’re not taking this into consideration. 

Not Having a Static Brand 

When you think of a business, you think of their logo and catchphrase or one-liner, among other aspects. One concept remains certain though — the brand meshes together well. Everything is easily recognizable as part of their brand. This should be your goal with marketing — to have elements that stand alone but merge together to represent what you and your practice are about.  

Without chiropractic SEO and chiropractic-geared marketing in general, you could harm your practice and your budget. Without the right chiropractic marketing agency and closely monitoring your progress, you may not see the success you always imagined. However, with Brand Chiro, we take the time to know your target audience, examine your analytics, and change your marketing strategies to match the times to keep your site ranking high and potential patients taking action when they’re on your site.

Discuss your practice’s marketing needs today by calling Brand Chiro at 678-562-7893 or using our scheduling tool to book a call. We’ll examine your current strategies and improve on them in every way we can.