When you hire Brand Chiro for chiropractic website design or chiropractic marketing in general, we’ll request you include information for a biography about yourself. Then, one of our creative writers/specialists in digital marketing for chiropractors will morph your background and experience into copy that appeals to your target audience. However, if you’d like to create your own bio, we understand and will incorporate it on your chiropractic website design. And if you’re stuck and not sure what to include, we have some tips. 

Your Education and Certifications 

It’s not unheard of for someone to claim to be a chiropractor who never attended college or went to an unreputable school. The school may have offered a program that didn’t meet the current state regulations for practicing chiropractic care. For this reason, you want to briefly summarize your education and any certifications you possess. If you’re currently in the process of becoming an acupuncturist, nutritionist or earning any other specialization, make note of it in your bio. 

Keep this part of your biography brief. You want to highlight your educational background but not make it a bulk of the content since every chiropractor who can legally practice must undergo a certain level of education. 

Your Experience 

While everyone must start somewhere as a practitioner, it’s not always appealing to patients to have a chiropractor or other specialist with little experience actually practicing. Therefore, if you have a vast amount of experience in the field, showcase it. Let prospective patients know that you’ve been practicing for years and specify how many. 

If you have limited experience, you don’t have to fret. You don’t have to try to cover with a lie or include your time in chiropractic school as part of your experience, either. Instead of specifying the number of years you were in practice, say something like, “Dr. Smith is a dedicated chiropractor who’s looking forward to serving the community. He has a passion for helping people heal through natural means and is currently taking on new patients. You can include lines like these even if you have experience.

How You Decided to Enter Into Chiropractic Care

Some chiropractors have anecdotal stories explaining why they got into chiropractic care, which often illustrate and prove they believe in the power of chiropractic care themselves. For instance, maybe you were in a skiing accident as a child, and western medicine didn’t target the problem. You continued to struggle with pain and discomfort for years until you discovered chiropractic care, and that’s what led you to enter the field yourself – to give that same healing to others. 

Obviously, you should never stretch the truth or fabricate a story. Therefore, if this doesn’t apply to you, simply state what made you enter the field. Focus on what you thought about or what influenced your decision when you first applied to chiropractic school or started your college education in general. Perhaps, it might even go back to your highschool years or earlier. Just make sure it’s genuine! You may skip this if your reason isn’t heartwarming. 

Your Personal Life 

Talking about your personal life should be the sprinkles on top of the icing and cake, not a majority of the content. Therefore, you may want to write one or two lines about your wife or husband, children, pets, or hobbies. This makes the reader realize you’re a person with possibly similar interests to them. 

At Brand Chiro, if you feel your bio is lackluster and could use some polishing or would merely like to avoid the hassle of coming up with one yourself, let us do the work. Our team of experts are experienced in digital marketing for chiropractors and can come up with a piece that suits you well or refines what you already produced. And paired with our chiropractic website design services, you’ll be sure to stand out among the sea of chiropractors in your area!

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