In today’s world, most of your target audience is using the web. Even if someone refers a patient to you, that person will often head to their laptop or bring up your practice’s site online. This is a pivotal moment, a deciding factor as to whether the individual will choose your practice or not. If they like what they see, that individual will be more likely to become a patient. On the other hand, if that individual doesn’t like what they see, they’ll pass and move on to the next practice. So what is your website saying about you as a practice? Let Brand Chiro take a moment to explain the possibilities.  

Not Professional 

You risk instantly turning people off if your website doesn’t look professional. Yes, when you first began and had a tight budget, it may have made sense to save money by using a prefabricated website template. Now that you’ve grown, that doesn’t make sense anymore. And if you’re a rather newer practice, you could be starting out on the wrong foot if your site doesn’t look professional. 

Remember, you’re a medical practice, which means people are looking for a practitioner who is knowledgeable and professional. These people aren’t getting to know you before scheduling an appointment; they’re relying on your website to give them the information they need. Your website is frequently prospective clients’ first impression of you. If your site looks unprofessional, they’ll automatically assume you didn’t invest much into your practice and feel as though you’re a low-quality chiropractor. 

Not Compassionate Enough 

Take a few moments to research your competition or view other chiropractors’ sites in general. You’ll notice that most of them are engaging their target market and inserting language that shows they care and are dedicated. Therefore, if you merely have a website with content that explains what you do and your educational background, potential patients may not be connecting with your practice. 

Bear in mind, people want a practitioner they can trust and who they believe genuinely cares. They don’t want to be just another patient, and they don’t want just another practitioner with a doctorate in chiropractic care. Ultimately, they want someone they can confide in and who they can talk to openly. These people want someone who will genuinely care about their problems and help address them in a way that’s best for them. Therefore, your content has to be relatable and show you care, not just spewing your qualifications and services. 

Not User-Friendly 

As a chiropractic website design company and a chiropractic marketing agency, we want you to know having a website that explains who you are well and looks professional isn’t enough. You also need to make sure your site is user-friendly as well. 

A prospective patient wants to be able to visit your website, get the information they need easily, and book an appointment without hassle. Your website must accommodate that. 

Take a few moments now to visit your site. Can you quickly find information about yourself as a practitioner? Does everything load in immediately without interruption? Can a potential patient find your contact information from your homepage and other main pages?

If your site isn’t simple to navigate, a potential patient is going to leave the site and find another one. A poorly laid out page gives the appearance that there wasn’t much thought put into the website creation process. That could give a patient the idea that you won’t put much thought and effort into treating their health concerns, even if that’s not even close to being true. 

Our chiropractic marketing agency thoroughly understands what works best in terms of a website. We know what prospective patients want and are looking for as they compare chiropractors. Therefore, we can help you achieve your goals. 

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