Social media sites started as a way to communicate with friends and family easily. However, throughout the years, social media has grown and become a useful marketing tool. It allows users to target a large group of people quickly and easily. If your office doesn’t have a chiropractic social media page, it may be time to start one. 

Cost-Effective Marketing

The only fee you have for a social media page is the cost of the chiropractic marketing agency to manage the page. It doesn’t take any money to establish an account, though.

Instant Marketing  

You can start growing your network and using the page to your advantage immediately once you have an account. 

Reach a Large Number of People Simultaneously

Flyers and business cards require each person to have a copy. With social media, one post reaches everyone on your page’s list at once. 

When you have high-quality posts, the people on your page will share the post, and it’ll reach an even larger number than people. 


Keep in mind that over 3.5 billion people are on social media, and this number is projected to increase by nearly one billion by 2025. 

In terms of a percentage, 70 percent of Americans use social media, so you’re reaching a large portion of potential patients as well as current patients. 

Keep Followers Updated 

When you have a chiropractic social media marketing company posting on your behalf, you can keep followers updated on the latest changes in your practice. If you start offering a discount, you can let all those followers know at one time. 

Let’s say you incorporate new technology. Each one of those followers can know and decide if they’re interested. 

Allow Feedback

Your patients may not speak to you directly about what they like and don’t like about your practice. However, with a social media page, you can leave the commenting on, so you can know firsthand what patients like and dislike about your practice. You may then incorporate this information into your business model to optimize the patient experience.

Contact Method

You may have introverts as your patients. They don’t want to call you on the phone to ask a question. They’d rather send you an email or text. When you have a social media page, you’re giving your patients one more way to contact you if they aren’t into phone conversations. 

Share Blogs and Other Educational Information 

Social media allows you to share blogs and other educational information to keep patients engaged and educated. 

You can promote wellness and help your patients improve their health even when they’re not in the office. 

Additionally, when you have knowledgeable patients, they can better make decisions about their healthcare in terms of their chiropractic care. 

Stay on Patients’ Minds  

When you have patients who follow your social media, the regular posts your chiropractic marketing agency post keeps your patients engaged. You’ll continuously stay on your patients’ minds. 

Chiropractic marketing that incorporates social media can help spread the word about your practice. Additionally, you can stay in contact with your current patients and use your page as a way to better your practice. 

If you’d like to discuss setting up a chiropractic social media page with Brand Chiro as your management company, book a call today to see what we can do for your practice.