SEO is a term thrown around frequently when it comes to digital marketing, and it’s more relevant than ever before. Search engine optimization directly influences the visibility of your chiropractic brand, so it’s necessary whether you’re first starting out or you’re an established chiropractic practice looking to expand.

Numerous aspects go into SEO, so maximizing its potential can be intimidating for some. The effort won’t go to waste, considering just how beneficial SEO can be. 

Organic Search Results

When someone searches the internet for a chiropractic practice, you want yours to show up at the top of the search results page. While the very top is reserved for paid ads, the first of the organic results are the ones that typically get clicked the most. The majority of website traffic in most cases comes from organic results, so it’s essential you use SEO to push your rankings as far as they can go. 


One of the reasons people tend to trust organic results over the paid ads at the top of a search results page is because they tend to think that organic results mean the company didn’t buy their way into page rankings. Of course, many chiropractic practices use both PPC and SEO to appear in paid ads and organic results. Additionally, SEO builds your credibility with search engines as well as forming quality backlinks and machine learning signals that will increase your brand’s reach.  

We provide ongoing patient education to your website, also called “blog posts”that help build credibility. This content is the single largest way to build SEO credibility and build local engagement for your practice.

Local Engagement

Chiropratic SEO is always most effective when aimed at a specific audience, and the smaller part of a region you target, the better your results. A chiropractic practice will predominantly be trying to appeal to the local community, so using local SEO strategies can ensure that people in your area searching for chiropractic care will find your brand. Boost your visibility enough on the local level, and your brand may even appear on various mediums in your community to spread your messaging even further.

Budget Friendly

If you’re looking to save on your marketing budget, SEO is one of the best strategies to consider. Looking in the long term, the payoff of SEO strategies can be substantial. Think of it less as a marketing cost and more as a business investment since an effective SEO campaign can go strong for years. Continue to invest and it will last even longer, continuously drawing more and more patients to your practice. 

Finding Help Is Easy

SEO can be a daunting challenge to tackle alone even if you do have some experience in the area. Fortunately, Brand Chiro makes it easier than ever for your practice to enjoy all the benefits of a powerful SEO strategy without having to dedicate any time yourself. We have extensive experience with SEO specifically for the chiropractic industry, so we have the expertise required to reach your target audience within your local community. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about everything we can offer.